Achieving Macbook-like quiet operation with Intel 12th gen?

What are the current ideas about how to keep a 12th gen Intel CPU cool enough so that the fan, even if it is on most of the time, is barely perceptible when running Linux?

A few things that I know about:

  • Set the all CPU cores’ governors to powersave. (Using cpufrequtils)
  • Set some of the CPU cores’ max frequencies to the lowest value allowed, as I don’t expect I’ll need every core most of the time, to 800 MHz.
  • Disable turboboost.
  • Edit thermald’s thermal-conf.xml to reduce the lower trip temperature.
  • Use msr-tools in conjunction with the msr kernel module to read/write the MSR register.
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This open-source tool plus underclocking should be perfect

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While I used my framework for reading the docs on gentoo install (still compiling) I didn’t hear the fan.

Probably more likely with the upcoming AMD chips in the 13th gen.

I have to agree with @prepaidpyramid … as long as I dont do any heavy-duty things I cannot hear the fan at all.

Just turn off the fan and set tjmax to like 60c and let it throttle XD