Adding framework drivers to oobe windows 10

Considering buying a diy as a gift for someone else, I want to give it fully setup and ready to go, so is there a way to install the framework drivers at the oobe for windows 10? I’ve read about audit mode from Microsoft, would that work? Boot into audit mode install and restart into oobe?

From what I’ve seen, that seems to be the most effective way to do it. You could also slipstream the drivers into the Windows 10 installer using DISM or a tool/application like NTLite, but i haven’t attempted that myself personally. I’ve only slipstreamed updates into the installer. If you do decide to attempt the driver injection route, you might as well inject the updates as well. Seems like a lot of extra work though if you’re only going to be doing this type of install once.

Thanks, I don’t think I will try the driver injection for a one off. Gonna make sure I get the most up to date media creation tool so, I can minimize the number of post setup updates for the end user.

You should be able to do everything you need to do (installing drivers, windows updates, and even application installs) in Audit mode and it should keep everything you’ve installed after running the OOBE (as long as you don’t check the “Generalize” box). That should mean the absolute minimum amount of time for the end user after initial setup to get things up and going fully.

You might be able to install windows, and when you hit the first oobe screen do shift+F10 which will bring up an admin terminal where you can run explorer.exe and run the driver bundle installer.

Microsoft has a page describing how to install drivers during OOBE: IT does require that you have your drivers on a USB drive ahead of time.

The gist is:

Press Shift+F10 to get the command prompt
Do some diskpart stuff to find the driver letter of the USB key
pnputil /add-driver :*.inf