Super newbie needs help

Greetings! I purchased a framework computer to build with my elementary school age daughters in an attempt to get them interested in STEM fields. I have a little experience and feel as if I’m in over my head !

I seem to have assembled the hardware correctly, but I’m having a lot of trouble installing drivers and windows.

I’ve downloaded the drivers and the windows installation tool onto a USB drive, but get a number of errors.

I’m asked to update drivers, but while they are on the USB drive, they can’t be found for some reason.

I tried to soldier on with the installation, but as soon as Windows tries to install, I get the error 0x800703EE.

My apologies if I’ve broken any etiquette by posting this here… I’d appreciate any help or direction! Thank you very much!


It took me a couple efforts to create a bootable USB. I ended up using Etcher to write to the USB, as downloading OS was not sufficient to make a bootable drive. I’m a newbie too. I’m sure you will get better and more detailed responses. Hang in there.


I’m not sure if having the Framework Driver Bundle present in the bootable USB would screw things up while installing Windows. Typically you would install Windows first and then the drivers afterward (i.e. once you’re at the Windows desktop).

If you haven’t already, try following the steps outlined in this guide:

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Hi @Alan_Hyde, have you tried using a different USB flash drive, or did you use the Windows Media Creation Tool? You can check some of our guides through these links:

We recommend following our guide for installing the Windows OS: Framework Laptop - Framework Guides

If this continues to be an issue for you, I would recommend submitting a ticket to our support team here: Framework | Support so they can ensure your laptop is performing as intended!

Thank you and stay safe!


Hi Alan,

I don’t know what happened here, you cannot install drivers until windows is fully installed and working on the Framework.

The best path of action is to create the USB drive to install windows with for yourself. If you were using one that Windows provided, it is more likely to contain errors. Windows has an amazing tool for this called the Windows Media Creation Tool - just download and run the tool, select your USB drive (make sure there’s nothing important on it, everything will be deleted!!), and let it work, then boot the laptop with it connected and you’re good to go. Guides also exist to format the drive (turn it back into a normal USB drive after you’re done installing).

Once Windows is successfully installed on the Framework, now you can install drivers. Download the correct driver package from Framework on a computer which has internet access (the Framework won’t right now), copy it over to the laptop with a usb drive (don’t just run it from the drive, it might cause errors), and then reboot. If you have internet capability, it worked!

Good luck with the install, I hope it goes smoothly this time!