Windows drivers for a DIY install

Hi, I’m trying to install Windows on a 11th gen FrameWork to offer it to a loved one, but I don’t have any other Windows laptop available right now to do so, and thus I burnt a Win11 install ISO to a USB key from my Linux.

However I am stuck at the beginning of the install process, where the Windows setup tells me that they need some drivers.

I am aware of the existence of the Drivers Bundle provided by FrameWork, but unfortunately it is in a format (.exe) in which the Windows setup cannot use it (it is probably expecting .dll).

Is there any way to extract the dlls from the .exe?
Maybe using Wine?

Or maybe the FrameWork team could provide a convenient .zip on their website?

Many thanks in advance for any help!

PS: I can borrow a Windows machine in a few days, so I will do that if I can’t find a solution soon enough.

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Ok I could borrow a Windows machine today, and it worked when the installation USB media was written from the Windows machine.

So for me it is solved now.

But in the future it would be good for other people if there was an official Windows 11 installation .iso provided somewhere by FrameWork.

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yes! having to get access to a windows machine is an annoying part of this process. I was wondering if there was a way to decompile the .exe to extract the .ddl, .INF, files but that’s probably kinda nuts