Advice for a newbie

Ive been on an adroid tablet, for so long, ive got no idea how to choose.
I need a laptop that will allow for video and audio recording and editing, 3d website design, running bluetooth headphones and speakers, and bingeing on netflix.
I despise microsoft, like the notion of linux but am not, at all, a computer person. So need easy.
And inexpensive.

I think depending on how graphics intensive this is, you will maybe need a dedicated GPU.
You could do this, but it’s not for beginners.

Honestly, I would suggest you choose Windows as your OS or start with something mainstream like Ubuntu or PopOS.

Did you do the same workload on the tablet? If yes, what is the tablet model you use currently?

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I would be wary of the idea that you can be a non-techie newbie and want to do the things you mention. You see, using a computer, requires you to learn about its function. Marketing from companies like Apple, for example, try to teach you that you don’t need to learn how to use a computer, because theirs are super easy to use. This is a fallacy that prevents full ownership and mastery.

Think about it. When you wanted to drive a car, did they hand you a license and say have fun, or was training required?

That said the Framework laptop can easily do all of the things you are looking to do on it.


Would recommend you to use Fedora as your distro, then choose either GNOME or KDE or even XFCE. GNOME would be the most different from windows then XFCE and KDE. Honestly, just pick whatever looks cool to you since it wont really matter for your use case.

Here’s a good video on what to do after installing Linux as a newbie. There’s thousands of guides out there and they will suffice. Just hmu if you have more questions.

I use Ubuntu 22.04 and 22.10 on Framework laptops 12th gen myself. I like it. You will want to follow the provided guide(s) of course. And Framework also supports Windows, too.