"Aftermarket" Palm rest/touchpad spacer colors and materials

I looked around but didn’t see anyone else doing this yet. I just finished up my first prototypes of a touchpad spacer. I personally wanted the following:

  1. Black anodized aluminum.
  2. A double spacer (removes one crack in the palm rest)
  3. Stainless steel (stiffer) spacer.
  4. A wood veneer spacer (can be stained whatever you want.)

Once I get tolerances perfect on the plastic parts I will upload some pictures.

Does anyone have any other requests? Preliminary pricing seems to indicate that at low quantity orders they would be about $35 each before shipping. Is that too much?

Finally, Once I make up my costs for design I will open source the design and vendors.

Above: Textured black spacer in black PETG.



$35 seems more than reasonable for what you are doing.

I dont know how comfortable you are with “transparent” but I would love to see 2 with the old school transparent purple (like the purple gameboy).

Aside from that I’d be interested in seeing the wooden spacers.

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Transparent could be tricky as I don’t feel like polishing plastic. Maybe laser cut purple acrylic would be the way to go?

In other news, first prototype of a wooden (Maple) one: (Having trouble holding tolerances on such thin wood with my cnc… It tends to warp during machining. Has a decent panel gap and warped up a bit.)

Odd thing is, the wood one feels stiffer than the stock framework aluminum one. (I did laminate a thin piece of spring steel with epoxy in the center and a backer to help with this.) Now to stain it. I am thinking some nice walnut stain with a high gloss finish.


I like the black anodized aluminum idea. I also would love transparent plastic parts but given the trouble framework has with that I understand your hesitation. But I want clear plastic everything so bag that I would pay more than $35.

The other hesitation I have is that the only visible thing below the palm rest is a piece of (nicely laser etched) aluminum. It isn’t like you can quite see the main framework PCB. Now a fiberglass PCB would be cool. PCBWay even has full color silkscreen now!

Anyone want a fully custom printed pattern on their expansion modules? I am thinking about placing the attached “Zilog Inside” logo on one:
(Maybe solder a modern Z-80 to the underside just to make it true.)

I kinda want to play with the i2c port and see if I can add a classic lenovo trackpoint :wink: