[REQ] Touch display spacer module

Would this work? There are color shift and LED matrix spacer modules, but how about a spacer module with a touch display? Kinda like a bigger (and more badass) version of Apple’s Touch Bar?

Obviously, they would be useless without a software to program them. (BetterTouchTool for macOS comes to mind as an example.) But with a software for programmable UI touch buttons/triggers, scripted output etc., this would (imho) be a fantastic thing to have.

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Would it work? Sure.
But it might be hard to find a long, narrow display that fills the available space well.

You saw Framework’s prototype medium size (keypad size) e-ink display module?

Spacer modules with touch input like this could be really nice for an analogue-like slider function to adjust volume or screen brightness. I’d probably get one for each.

That would be extremely cool. I loved that bar on the Macbooks

People have been discussing this for quite a bit, though it’s unlikely to be a thing atleast not one created by framework. They did have a non touch digital display made at one point but at the time stated it’d be unlikely to be released as there are quite a few space constraints for the framework 16. putting a touchscreen in that small a form factor is quite difficult to do, and even more difficult to make consistently and on scale.

Still a cool as hell idea though, and when people get the 16 into their hands, we may see some hobbyists build it.

For myself, it needn’t be a display, simple up and down touchpads, each of which can be separately assigned, is all I’m after.