Hardware RMA support process? (no ticket numbers...)

I just received my Batch 5 AMD Framework 13 DIY Friday.

I have a problem with my display - a single column 1 pixel wide is misfunctioning from top to bottom, possibly due to rough shipping. I probably need a new display. No big deal, replacable parts are why I bought a Framework. I already reviewed the display replacement guide & reopened it and checked the cables weren’t pinched or something. Awesome guide, but no joy on the issue.

I used the web form to submit a service request, & got an autoresponder saying "we will get back to you if you didn’t select one of the guides. But no ticket number, and apparently no portal to be able to go check your ticket status? Plus no human response.

I get they are busy shipping, but with no ticket number and no ticket portal I have no idea a. if they got it b. where it is in the queue or c. how long it will take to respond.

I admit I sent a second webform request in today after 24 hours before I checked here.

I see people waiting 5+ days to hear back, so obviously I was hasty…

My question is this the right process? And how long should I expect to wait before I hear back?

PS. Other than the display issue my assembly & set-up far exceeded my expectations for Linux issues. Ubuntu 22.04.3 OEM & 64GB worked right out of the box. All the guides were exceptionally well written. The one issue I hit with the fingerprint scanner had a guide that fixed it. Nicely done!

This is the proper process, and getting the auto-reply means you’re in the queue

Unfortunately, doing this has dropped you back to the end of the queue. Just hold tight and stay patient. Support is dealing with an extra large queue right now, but they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Unfortunately the ticket system they use doesn’t currently support tracking like you want, but everyone I’ve seen on here gets a response eventually.


Just to chime in, the longest wait time so far is 4 business days.

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@Azure @TheTRUEAsian Appreciate the responses, thank you. Lets see if I hear back before US Thanksgiving holidays.


I heard back effectively today (Wednesday), so 3 days.

Now just going through the photography process.

Pretty sure I need a new display screen.

My replacement display is “shipment information sent” as of today.

8 calendar days from first email to shipment notification, and there were 3 weekend days & a US holiday in there, including multiple emails diagnosing the issue.

Just to close it all off, I had some turbulence with FedEx delivery (not FrameWork’s issue - the Fedex employee with the shipping container key didn’t come to work - I can’t make this up), got it, successfully replaced the display & returned the defective one.

Issue resolved.

I love the repairability of the FrameWork 13. Its just a joy to work on. So well designed. So well thought out.

Been using it now for a few weeks. It’s an exceptional laptop.