[TRACKING] Samsung 990 pro SSD

Is it possible to fit with Heatsink? Can somebody, who has actually bought it , can confirm it?

I was hoping to hear from those who have actually bought this SSD (now that the firmware bug has been removed with new update), and used with their Framework laptop. How is it? And what about the heat dissipation, is it a problem? I was wondering as with my WD SN770 SSD, the fan is always on.

If you haven’t bought this SSD please refrain from commenting.

Try searching the forums

Can anybody confirm this? Was going to buy this SSD for my actual laptop and use it later in FW13 which I have pre-ordered. Review at Tom’s Hardware said it’s kind of low power so I would have guessed heat would be no problem.

@nasi I’d stay away from WD drives right now, I’ve seen issues with firmware. I use a SK HYnix P41 Platinum but the Solidigm P44 Pro is basically the same thing with better availability. Samsung drives are also a good bet.


@nasi as @GhostLegion suggested staying away from WD drives right now is a good idea. I am also using a SKHynix P41 Platinum. As ot the Samsung 990 Pro I would verify 1) that whatever firmware it rolled out with is not buggy or 2) that the buggy firmware was fixed with an update. The last 4 or 5 years Samsung has made a bad habit of launching with buggy firmware.


What are the current issues with WD firmware? I’m running an SN850X in my Framework 13 12th Gen Intel with no issues so far. Thanks!

@Purkeypilot If you haven’t been affected then you don’t need to worry. But users have reported NVMe errors and a file-system being mounted in read-only mode. No root cause has been discovered to my knowledge but the one common factor has been WD drives. That and the firmware isn’t easy to update if you use Linux.

FWIW I have 980 Pros in my 11th gen (ubuntu) and 12th gen chromebook and they run like 45 degrees even when theyre busy doing a lot of I/O like for a local kubernetes stack. The fan only kicks on it I am watching a youtube video or I block the bottom vents somehow. Not sure the difference between 990 and 980 but 980 is more than enough for my workflow.

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Thank you very much @GhostLegion and @nadb - the Solidigm P44 Pro indeed looks like a much better choice! I will definitely go for it now.

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Is it possible to fit with Heatsink? Can somebody, who has actually bought it , can confirm it?

@Lamy Not really a heatsink per se but you can fit a thin copper shim.

I do not have access to this drive at the moment, but tracking nonetheless.

Have you done it or are you replying randomly?

Bit of a rude way to ask but yes I have. Not with a 990 Pro specifically but all M.2 drives are going to have roughly the same dimensions in z-height and exactly the same dimensions in length and width.


Sorry, that it was too explicit as I was confused because I know what you have mentioned that x and y dimensions are standard and wanted information from someone who has actually bought it and tried it as I wrote in the post before your reply. Its common sense to assume that some thin shim can always fit but how practical is this particular SSD which includes a heatsink. A person who has actually might have a clear answer.

Your reply could have been a distraction to people who might have actually bought and tried it and might think that you have already answered it.

The one pictured on the samsung page for the 990 pro is obviously for a desktop and would never fit in a laptop.

If your question is regarding performance…reference the first reply I made, I literally linked to a thread that includes performance data.

That’s because I did answer it.

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