AMD 13 & 16 - SecureBoot, CodeIntegrity & BitLocker erroneous reporting

We have 1 each of the AMD 13" and 16" models (along with a number of 12th and 13th gen Intel units)

The AMD units are both misreporting back to InTune that SecureBoot, CodeIntegrity and BitLocker are not enabled, even though they are. Upto and including BitLocker keys being read back into InTune!

We’ve got a mix of other brands (Dell, HP, Surface) - all Intel admittedly - but nothing else is generating this kind of erroneous reporting.

So far MS haven’t had any stellar insight (pause for surprise/shock).

Open to suggestions from the community at this point…

greetings. i think this thread may be related

doesn’t sound like a solution yet available but does give the background and next step (waiting on Micosoft)

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Aah, that’s indeed a topic match right there. Thanks.

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After some back and forth with our MS contacts and some support/diagnostic sessions - current opinion is that InTune IS in fact reading in the device status correctly, the fault is within InTune’s own reporting functions.

Latest I have right now is, and I quote:

“This is a Reporting issue from InTune end, this should be fixed by next InTune release.”

What I don’t have yet (I’m pressing for it) is a confirmation of that from the InTune engineering team, or visbility of it in the InTune development board.

Will update again as and when I get more.