Experienced a few issues recently (Bitlocker Key, TPM Module "Not Installed", Win11 "Shut Down" not powering down LT)

Framework 13’, 11th gen.
BIOS 3.19
Windows 11 Pro
Version 23H2
Installed on 6/‎10/‎2024
OS build 22631.3737

You may notice that i just installed Win11 yesterday. I was having issues with Windows powering down the laptop. Clicking Start > Shut Down in win11 was taking me back to the lock screen each time. I’ll chock that up as a windows issue since reinstalling the OS, things are working correctly.

Not too long i had an issue with the display but also Win11 and Bitlocker. I recall i had updated Windows 11 using “Check for updates” just prior to those issues. The display issue turned out to be hardware and was taken care of swiftly thanks to the lovely support at Framework!

Along side of the display issue, i was being asked for a Bitlocker key. This happened each time i turned the LT back on. i had to use the 50+ char. Bitlocker key, each time. I ended up turning Bitlocker off in win11 so i could use the laptop normally. When i try to turn the Bitlocker functionality back on, i am being told that i need a TPM. As i understood, all Framework main boards come with TPM installed as a physical chip somewhere on the board. But maybe its software and i am confused?

What i do know for certain, is when i check in the BIOS i am seeing that there is no active TPM. (see image below)

Where is the chip located on the main board? Is there anyway to trouble shoot the chip with software or hardware (multi-meter) to figure out if the chip is functioning properly? And is it possible a BIOS update may have caused this issue?

Hope the community could help me understand this a bit more or provide some test cases for me to explore. Have a good one!

I would contact customer support, because your mainboard most certainly has a TPM. If it is not being recognized it could have been bricked or the TPM failed. Either way you will want to speak with Framework about this.