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It took 1 day or 2. Never had the payment confirmation… only the shipping mail.

No luck for me for the delivery. As always with Fedex, they lied and said no one was present to receive the package.
@depate did you get yours ?


Yes, I did, @Marc_Vanderhaegen. Currently, installing the OS.

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My laptop arrived today. Received way earlier than I expected, and so I rushed to purchase an SSD and a thumb drive after my job. I installed Pop!_OS 22.04.

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Apparently, my family member received it today and I’ll be able to get it tomorrow.
Now, I’m just waiting for the RAM I ordered to arrive.

I got my Framework 13 a few days ago and had a great time putting it together and getting Fedora up and running. Been tweaking my linux set up and installing software ever since!

My only persistent issue is that I get a strange screen effect from time to time - on the built in display or on an external monitor. Essentially, a section of the display starts to flicker and display incorrectly and the issue seems to persist until I do a restart. Then all is well for a while.

It seems like a driver issue so I’m hoping there is a fix…if anyone knows anything please point me in the right direction, but I will also search the archives.

If anyone else comes across the graphical glitch I encountered and described above, you should check out this post as it seems to address the issue for most users:


Well mine arrived… put everything together booted up into windows and installed the drivers.

No issues so far! :+1:

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Finally…to follow up on my last post, the fix I linked to seems to have resolved all my issues. So I now have my framework working as I would like and I have installed Fedora and am getting all my apps and stuff set up…nerd time.

All in all I’m pretty happy with this laptop and eager to see - how long it can last me, and what upgrades come down the line. It is fast…my old desktop is only better for gaming because it has a better GPU…but I didn’t buy this thing to game on. I put a few games on it to test it out, and they run fine, but the fan runs a lot…and I like to keep it cool.

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@krusydr how is your battery life with fedora linux ? I was looking to switch to ubuntu but i’ve seen a lot of people complaining about bad battery life with linux. I’m still really hesitant to switch.

@LaGrossePistache To be honest, so far I have mostly been plugged in since I use it with a monitor/keyboard/etc. at my desk. After the holidays, I may experiment with taking it to coffee shops and what not - which will shed some light on the battery issue. That said, Linux power management has never been great in my past experience…especially compared to what Apple can get out of their hardware.

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Managed to dual boot Windows and Arch so far so good!

Got mine about 2 weeks ago. 13 DIY.

AMD Ryzen 7 7840U
32GB (2 x 16)
2 TB

So far I am very happy with running Ubuntu with I3. Battery life is far better than my previous laptop (by a good few hours). The build quality is excellent and the ability to switch out ports has come in far more handy than I expected. The fingerprint sensor was a little funky but once I found the right guide it was all good. Having a laptop with proper Linux support is a nice change (especially the lack of Nvidia drivers).


Did anyone experience “Clearance Delay” before?? How long was the delay?

It took one day for me. Mine was delivered by fedex and the estimated delivery date was respected.

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did they (Fedex) require you to sign when the package was delivered?

I was at home that day, but as i remember, they didnt ask me for a signature

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appreciated for the info. coz I might be away from home when they deliver, still yet to have an ETA

I had to sign for mine. It spent only one day in AK (bought a pre-built from, no pre-order), but I’m in Canada so I imagine transport to the lower 48 from AK is a bit more complicated.

In general FedEx needs signature for “high value” items - I think anything other than a barebones DIY kit (no ram/nvme) would be “high value”.

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thanks, I will keep that in mind. I ordered the DIY kit though :grinning:

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