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I got one


I would have liked one of those as an option on the FW16. orange and lavender don’t do it for me. :rage:

The colors on the FW 13 did not appeal to me also and originally chose orange. I really like the green much better. Yes I agree for the FW 16, orange and lavender is really lacking.

I cant believe its still stuck in Canadian customs, I hope the import paperwork isn’t screwed up or something.

It went from a red indicator to a yellow delay one, is ti right to think it means it’s done with customs but fedex hasn’t picked it back up yet?

I am in the same boat, but I have hope. Looking at the bottom of the FedEx tracking page I saw :
Clearance Delay
Held, cleared regulatory agency(s) after aircraft/ truck departed.
Hopefully it will arrive in Montreal area this week.

@ Gabwey:

Yep same situation for me. I had Clearance Delay on Thursday and it reiterated the same message again today:

Monday, 2023-10-30
1:12 PM.
Clearance Delay
Held, cleared regulatory agency(s) after aircraft/ truck departed.

All we can do is wait :frowning:

Mine also changed to yellow, hopefully that plane/truck it missed is running again tomorrow.

Just to provide some follow-up for the search results of “GiroPay”:
GiroPay is among the payment methods that require manual action by the customer, but will also just get a payment link when the order is due.


  • Ryzen7
  • transparent bezel
  • almost all expansion cards but storage and microSD and audio
  • 1x16GiB RAM
  • DIY
  • no charger
  • no SSD

order has been shipped in the meantime, is already sitting in the last FedEx depot close to me, and now has me unpatiently waiting on whether FedEx will let it sit there for 2 more days to not deliver it earlier than announced (I cannot change that date to earlier :roll_eyes: ).

That’s sharp!!

It’s here! My tracking page never gave me an estimated delivery date after clearing customs, it was only showing pending but everything else updated fine and showed out for delivery this morning.

@instanoodles: same for me. When Cdn customs released my parcel, FedEx never showed a delivery date but it did show the stops and movement of the parcel. So glad that it’s arrived so my dad can bring over to me next week.

I’m surprised that people complain about sound quality. To me the speakers sound just like any other regular speaker I own (for example on my high end desktop display), and better than all my previous laptops. Obviously it is no headphones but it does a very good job, it’s excellent for say watching Twitch.


The dividing line seems to be between people who have owned unibody Macbook Pros and those who haven’t, because you can’t unhear that. There’s, like, actual bass there (and not an EQ caricature of one, as, say, in many cheap headphones).

Given Framework have locked themselves into a chassis with two downfiring speakers, though, and the rattle inherent in the magnetic attachment of the keyboard cover, I don’t expect changes in this department any time soon. It’s probably still possible to do better even with these constraints, don’t get me wrong, but if the team doesn’t even have time to put in a better webcam, there’s little reason to expect fiddly acoustics work is coming.

(And if you’re going to compare with speakers, compare with actual dedicated speakers—that is, at least with ones that come with a dedicated woofer unit. Too bad my fifteen-year-old 2.1 Altec Lansing set died, I don’t think they even make those anymore.)

Finally got laptop and started setting it up :3
Just using it for initial setup most likely but there really is something to be said about how low power xfce is as a window manager, lost 3% doing some web browsing and text editing for my nixos config the last hour; honestly debating staying on xfce and trying to hack at it til it feels right for the power savings haha

But the speakers sound exactly as I’d expect a laptop to sound, and do have a 2022 MBP for work and yeah that sounds better to some degree but so rarely use speakers it doesnt matter much personally, but can get why people prefer that.

The thing that will take the most getting used to is the keyboard, it has a lot more resistance than I’m used to; hopefully it doesn’t mess to much with finger issues/pain haha

RE first paragraph; lost another percent writing this post so guess part of it is xfce being super lightweight but also neovim being lightweight and mostly text html compared to this website and most modern web and applications that are super needy thanks to javascript haha

Ahoy! :slight_smile:

I would also like to share my experience. I got my 7840U - DIY on the 30th October and added

  • 2x32 GB RAM kit - Kingston Fury - KF556S40IBK2-64
  • 4 TB SSD - Western Digital SN850X

I expected the initial memory detection/training to be much longer, but it was done in a Minute.

I did the BIOS update to to 3.03 beta with the EFI shell method and had no issues with it. To be fair - I added a EFI partition with the Fedora 39 (RC 1.2) live image before.

I’ve got Fedora 39 and Windows 11 running without a single crash so far.

It’s working fine with my 3:2 ratio monitor (HUAWEI MateView 28"), which supports up to 65 W via USB-C. That’s a match!

The speakers are loud, but I miss the “body” - to phrase it that way. The headphone jack was a surprise. It can handle my big ones, too.

Knowing the Apple touch pad from my job machine (Mac Book Air M1) … it’s the most disappointing part for me. Tap to click is the only way with the FW. Guess it’s also an issue for other laptop vendors.

The main goal is to drive it daily with Fedora.
Wifi is stable and I like to use the finger print reader for sudo tasks under Linux a lot :point_down:

A tip for other Fedora users: Use the RPM Fusion mesa drivers to get all supported VAAPI hardware accelerated video decoders.

sudo dnf swap mesa-va-drivers  mesa-va-drivers-freeworld

Windows is a backup for the nasty stuff :

CPU-Z, GPU-Z & HwInfo 64 (inclusive all SPD profiles)

Cinebench R23

HwInfo 64 sensors - after the R23 benchmark run.

I’m looking forward to see newer Linux kernel versions and BIOS/Firmware improvements coming up.


Anyone else get random intermittent crackle from the speakers, seems to be while charging and working the GPU hard eg a recent game like The Expanse?

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Since all of batch 2 has been delivered, any further posts in this thread make the information hard to find for others in other batches with similar issues.

If you have an issue, please post in an existing thread or start a new one.

Thank you.

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