[RESPONDED] Popping/crackling Bluetooth headphones

I am getting popping and crackling with bluetooth headphones whenever the audio starts or stops but not through the speakers. Forwarding through a youtube video sounds like shit.

Have you been able to find a solution yourself? I might try another bluetooth adapter before I contact support, I havent had an audio issue like since since the AMD Duron days.

Making sure I am following here:

  • Bluetooth headphones.
  • With Pulseaudio Volume Control, Double check the headset playpack type - HSP vs A2DP? If it sounds like a phone in a tunnel it’s set to HSP which is wrong.

Can you install pavucontrol and take a screenshot of the Configuration tab with the headset paired and connected?

I don’t get this from any other games, Steam or Heroic, native or Wine, so putting down to that one game.

Skylines for instance is probably just as demanding graphically, and runs smooth as you like.

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