AMD Batch 6 Guild

Same for my order! Exciting, let’s hope it arrives Tuesday to Belgium/my door!


Mine somehow ended up in Japan!

Same, but mine is in Hong Kong now. It was supposed to be delivered today (in roughly 6h, to France) and somehow still shows “on time”. UPS flies on Concorde? :sweat_smile:
The RAM got delayed too, so it’s not that bad.

It looks like they are traveling together, mine is in HK too

I’m guessing it’s this plane.

I was making fun of people for being on flightradar, but I’m doing it too now :rofl:

Mine is going back and forth as well. Wow this doesn’t make any sense, 4 destinations before Europe

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I really hope it is, the least it gets thrown around the least are the chances it gets damaged.

I’m doing that too! Yesterday I was following FDX5030 thinking it was my plane, it went from China to Cologne to Paris. I then discovered my package was in Japan :face_with_monocle:

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The plane disappeared over Kazakhstan. I hope it’s coming back otherwise it’s gonna bring a whole new meaning to DIY edition :sweat_smile:

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It’s back now!

Mine is currently in India :stuck_out_tongue: it still says delivery today, but that seems rather wildly optimistic unless the plane just flies directly into my house

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Mine also in New Dehli now, after beeing in Taipei, on the Phillipines and and Guangzou and singing
I 've been everywhere man…

Keep on tru(a)cking :slight_smile: :rofl:

Now in Dubai.

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Mine is in Grace Hollogne, Belgium

I think FX5217 will bring them to Paris in a few hours

I am afraid that when my laptop will be here I am going to miss this batch 6 guild.


We’ll miss you too, my friend!

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The FedEx tracking has a special mention about only delivering on weekdays “Special handling section: Deliver Weekday”.
No tracking update for the packages that landed in Paris. I’m guessing we might have to wait one more weekend.

Last Flight To Paris

Maybe the real batch 6 guild were the friends we made along the road.

So close and yet so far…

I now have “On the way, ROISSY CHARLES DE GAULLE CEDEX, FR, package available for clearence”