AMD Batch 7 Guild

just got mine

I guess we all got them at the same time, the actual “we took your money” email is when it gets spicy…I guess its time to get that RAM. Is there any Sales kind of event coming up the next two weeks on global amazon or so?

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black friday is next week thats probably a pretty global sale


oh yeah, of course. How exactly I could forget about that one is beyond me Oo

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I bought somw crucial ram and storag when they were on sale, hope they work :crossed_fingers:

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People seem to be having problems with 5200 MT/s Crucial SODIMMs, but 5600 MT/s ones look like they should generally work. No promises re your particular ones of course :confused:

I bought the 5600 ones, so i assume i should be fine

Based on history batch 7 charging might start round 22/11 and first deliveries some 4 days later. Very nice result from batch 1 to batch 7 likely within two months

Wooohooo, got my email. I also got some Ram and an SSD not too long ago on an amazon sale, so for those of you waiting id wait till black friday, up in Canada I was able to get a 2tb sn770 and 16gb ddr5 5600 for around $140 CAD.

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Why is 4TB SSD so much more than double 2Tb?!:joy:

I went blade xpg like nobody else and the crucial 5600 like everyone else it seems.

Right now not actually that much more, depending on where you are — a 2TB version of Samsung 990 is a bit below $120 on Amazon, a 4TB version is $250.

(Some other models like the Crucial P3 are not made in 4TB, though, but that one’s QLC anyway, so meh.)

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Wow - 4TB WD SN850X £260 at Amazon - Black Friday deal. Sorted!

WD_BLACK SN850X 4TB M.2 2280 Game Drive PCIe Gen4 NVMe up to 7300 MB/s : Computers & Accessories

For this kind of deals its always important to keep the history in sight, in this case its almost the lowest it was in a reasonable time frame, but there are often cases where it was cheaper 3 weeks ago, then got more expensive to finally get “cheaper” right on time for some sale event

Sadly, the Crucial 5600 Ram I am watching like a hawk seems to only get more expensive, solidifying my opinion that those “sales” are mostly for outdated stuff and almost never for something worth buying: (B0BLTDRRLF)

What system did you use to look at that historical price graph? is really good for it

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There are also more general historical price graphs through PcPartPicker

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Really useful. Thanks.

Looks like the best time every to buy this one!

I think the data is from the same source as camelcamelcamel but the screenshot explicitly comes from a browser plugin called keepa

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Which one?