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WD_BLACK SN850X 4TB M.2 2280

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Has anyone’s credit card in Batch 7 been charged yet?

Unlikely, if you look at the Batch 6 Thread there are people that got charged just a day ago and some that weren’t at all. Patience little one, after all these month what is a week more anyway?

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Since it’s the weekend and they fulfill orders through a logistics partner, I’m guessing at the earliest, the first round of payments for shipments will start sometime after tomorrow.

Makes sense. This most likely means that the actual deliveries in the US (Canada?) will most likely happen after Nov 27 given that next week is the Thanksgiving weekend.

Might as well enjoy the turkey then.

I really hope they do deliver, since the shipment is from Taiwan, which, do not normally observe thanksgiving.

Maybe I will be lucky as the Canadian who already had Thanksgiving haha, @NickCao part of the problem is in the states the local delivery company will not be delivering no matter whom it is.

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I’ve never felt sad that my money is still in my account before…



For the moment i am slightly worried about the Batch 5 shipping problems of the DIY Edition, all pictures i have seen where Batch 5 so it might be an isolated issue and yet…RMA would be an annoying stoppage

What issues Bruno? I have not been tracking to these DIY issues. That is what I ordered in Batch 7.

Mostly bent chassis, like this one: Reddit - Dive into anything

Oh dang! Thanks. Hopefully the packagine changes fixed the issue.

Batch 8 just got their notification emails! I think Batch 7 is going to start getting charged soon.

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I’ve still not received the first email, let alone thought about being charged in Batch 7. Anyone else waiting to be contacted? Email spam etc has been thoroughly checked and settings in FW account.

That’s to be expected. The email is a 3 day warning to prepare for shipment charges. Even though you’re part of the production batch, you’re probably later in queue for shipment as they’re rebatching orders in order to ship multiple orders at once for customers in the same region (to save on shipping costs). Your area might get them slightly later than others, so keep checking for the email.

Good to know. I’ll keep an eye out for the email.

Just got the Payment Complete email! DIY edition with 64gb RAM.


Payment has been taken for me now, 6 days after receiving the email letting me know they’re preparing the batch

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Payment confirmed.
Ordered 17th of September
Preparing mail 15th of November.

System: AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U
Laptop Bezel: Bezel - Black
Keyboard: British English
No Charger
2 x USB-C – USB-C Expansion Card
HDMI (3rd Gen) Expansion Card

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Same here! I was charged less than an hour back. DIY Ryzen 7, 64 gb ram, No SSD, No charger, etc. FWIW, I am located in Canada.

Order placed: 16-Sep-2023
Prep Email: 15-Nov-2023
Payment Complete Email: 22-Nov-2023