AMD Batch 7 Guild

Just got the payment complete email! Ordered Oct 4 in eastern US, DIY Ryzen 7

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No charge here yet (UK).

payment taken

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No charge yet in Germany

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I am kinda too lazy to delve into all the posts, but wasn’t there a pattern for payment gathered? Like that i comes in clusters by world region, or DIY without SSDs first or something similar? Or was that just pure speculation?

Anyway, it changes nothing in terms of waiting.

No charge yet in Germany too.

No charge in France either

Got the shipment email a couple hours ago. Scheduled for Monday. That was fast!


I’m curious, where do you live?

Boston, MA

I’ve checked the Batch 6 guild and it seems like US/Canada got charged first, then Germany/France/Belgium, then Italy and the UK. I would suggest just CTRL + F your country to estimate when you’ll get charged.
In my case (Belgium), Batch 6 were charged 3 days ago, so I imagine I’ll get charged by the same time next week, and delivered a week after they get theirs.
Update: I got charged! So it actually only took 3 days and not a week.
Update 2: Order has shipped! Less than a day after I got charged.

Thanks for doing the work for me. Much appreciated.

As a German i guess your Belgium findings can be used 1:1. Although there is still the chance that this is just coincidence.

Got my shipment email this morning in the uk.

Got charged right now :blush:

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I was charged 30 minutes ago (Italy)

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Got charged in the netherlands :ok_hand:

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Got charged… Germany.

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Got charged in France

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I’m in Canada and haven’t been charged yet.

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You’re not alone. Same here.

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