AMD Batch 9 Guild

Just received.

HAHAHA storytime:
I ordered the Ryzen 5 Framework, but was still torn between it and an HP Elitebook 845 with 7840U for a cheaper price (and it’s fairly repairable also).
After thinking about it for a long (read: too much) time, I ordered the Elitebook maybe 10 minutes ago.
NOW I got the preparation E-Mail for the Framework Laptop, I can’t believe it :joy:

I just got the email! I’m stoked

Got my email!

Hum, sorry for you, maybe you can still change ?
I have not bought HP laptop for a very (very) long time, but last time I did, they were having a lot of issues handling power.
Like mine eventually died rather fast, and my friend’s laptop got the chassi attacked by the heat. But that was more than a decade ago so I assume all is fine now.
But just for that I would not consider HP again

Got my email notification! So hyped

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Me too!

Also just received my email notification.

Excited :grimacing:

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Got my email, too!

how long does it take from batch prep to payment?

(looking at batch 8, it seems to take a week?)

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Based on previous data about 6-7 days.


That’s not really it. It’s not that I couldn’t wait any longer, but more like I came to the conclusion that getting the other option would be better financially wise. So I’m thinking about cancelling the framework order. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Regretting having cancelled my Batch 9 now :') Oh well, suppose I’ll have to join a new batch! Congrats all!

Hi there!

The email says:

We expect to ship your order out between one and three weeks from today.

However this is not very precise and I am traveling on the 22nd of Dec. I wonder if there is a risk that the unit arrives after my departure (and if I should have it delivered where I am going). Does someones know, based on the previous batch, if it really takes 3 weeks?

Thanks in advance,


I am in batch 8 and got charged exactly a week after the “prepare” e-mail (yesterday) and it was shipped the next day (today) with an expected arrival date of 1st december. Unless they have some specific shortage of a part you ordered, I’d expect it to be about the same for you, i.e. it will probably ship in around one week and arrive around 8th or 12th December.


Obligatory “I got my Email” comment
im excited. im honestly exasperated with Mac ecosystem and its limitations.
Excited to have a decent work laptop again.

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I got my Email as well

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Some from Batch 8 have also shipped now as well. Seems things have ramped up even more. There is a chance we might even get charged this week if that’s the case.

Does any one know how long it take to get a laptop delivered in Europe ?
and are US based orders delivered first.

i cannot fix my mind on that based on what I read on other batch guilds.

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I believe most people have said it’s a quick delivery normally via FedEx 3 day with delays due to import clearance with it taking on average 2 days. Making the shipping time about 5ish days.

Orders are sent out at the same time.

It can take 3 weeks.
Batch 5 for example, received their “preparing to ship” email on Nov 2. Shipping started around 1 week later, but not every order gets shipped at the same time. It looks like most had received their laptops by the 21st.

Thanks so hopefully 2 weeks to wait !

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