Amd bios how to reset forgot password

Due to reasons i can not explain my bios password stoped working on my amd framework 13 ryzen 5 how in the world do i reset my bios there’s no cmos battery, i’ve tried disconnecting the battery for 10 mins and flipping that little switch in the middle of the board

please help

I’ve seen two procedures for resetting the BIOS.

First procedure is using the chassis intrusion switch

Second procedure: Reset forgotten BIOS password - #7 by abittner
Disconnect the main battery, plug in AC power, and watch the LEDs on left and right side. The LEDs should flash blue, red. If you’ve been successful, the BIOS password should be reset.

Be very careful disconnecting and reconnecting the main battery. The pins can easily be bent. Pull straight out, and insert straight in only.

Did you update to firmware v3.05? Someone else reported this after the update. Someone else reported that a previous password worked, which they were forced to change periodically when running the older firmware, worked instead. (If that is the case, please report back, it would help confirm that unexpected behavior for Framework.)

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will try that but can i even update it with that bios locked rn? i’m able to bypass the password by flipping the sw3 switch 10 times with the a/c plugged in

If you didn’t update to 3.05 yet, then that’s not the problem. I’d just make sure to not have the bios password enabled when you do the update :slight_smile:

Same issue