AMD motherborad in the same enclosure?

this laptop is basically perfect it’s everything I could ever want. except for the Intel CPU. I know that they aren’t horrendously terrible, but for the things I do, ryzen is a better option. If or when a ryzen CPU/ motherboard thing comes out, could I just put that in the same enclosure as these intel ones that are out now. And just swap in an AMD cpu when those become available?

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To paraphrase MKBHD, Never. Ever. Buy a tech product on the promise of future updates. He said software updates, but it should be equally valid for hardware too.

I think most people following this product hope that many more motherboards be them AMDx86, ARM, RISC-5 and future Intel do come out.


Yes, you can swap out the entire Intel motherboard for one with Ryzen on it when it exists. Also yes, I think MKBHD’s advice here does make sense if you care more about Ryzen than the full modularity and repairability aspect of Framework, as there are still other big-name laptops that allow you to replace some components with relative ease (but not all of them like Framework.)