AMD or INTEL for gaming and CAD?

Do you think that I should wait for the amd ryzen 5, or the intel 13th gen i5 or I should buy the 12th gen i5 right now?

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AMD. The graphics are likely to be significantly more powerful.

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I’m going to assume that your mention of CAD means you’re not REALLY into CAD, or that it has a lower requirement / priority than gaming (looking at your other posts). If that’s the case, AMD.

If you/we’re lucky…maybe the FL16 would be ISV certified for AutoCAD, Revit…etc…but we don’t know.

For gaming, you should wait and see what the 16" gives you. It could be amazing – the 16" essentially lets you poke whatever you want out of the back of your laptop for expansion, so the [no man’s?] sky is nearly the limit. I’m happy with my 13", but I’ve got my popcorn ready to watch what they release.

With the Framework Laptop 16, we’re delivering on a dream that many have given up on: upgradeable, modular graphics in a high-performance notebook. With the Expansion Bay system, it’s possible to upgrade Graphics Modules independently of the rest of the laptop. Since Expansion Bay modules can extend the laptop in both thickness and depth, we have immense design flexibility to handle generation over generation changes in mechanical, thermal, and electrical requirements for GPUs.

On top of that, the PCIe x8 interface enables a range of other non-graphics use cases that need both high power and high speed… Since the documentation for this interface is open source, developers have freedom to create amazing modules on it, like card readers, video capture devices, AI accelerators, SDR radios, and more.

Seriously, the cheapest fairly recent discrete GPU is likely to out perform either integrated video, isn’t it?

To those ends, I usually keep an inexpensive gaming laptop around (Slickdeals usually has an <$600 option) specifically for gaming because my “office” laptops can’t really keep up, and for a few years used a gaming laptop as my “office laptop” to develop to save some money. Battery life stunk, but otherwise it wasn’t a choice I regretted.

Though it does, obviously, depend on the games and what you can tolerate for framerate and resolution. Playing Civ by yourself at home? Integrated is probably fine. Just don’t ever play on a nicer box. You’ll get hooked. :smiley:

There are different versions of the same chip the amd version is getting out now and pepole have done simulated benchmarks so you can see what you can expect. The numbers should map pretty well to the framework as it is the same soc as the r7 is getting, though not quite the same sku and uses the same ram speed and the previous intel version frameworks had cooling capable of around 30w. So you can have a look how you’d like the perofrmance for gaming.