Framework 16 Intel/Geforce

Any chance Framework 16 will come in Intel and Geforce flavour? Need bigger screen for design work but our dinosaur of a program only supports Intel & Geforce combo.

  1. Intel? Really unlikely. The Framework is an AMD ADVANTAGE laptop, they probably have an exclusivity contract of some sort. Plus, AMD chips are very efficient in the mobile market, I don’t really see a reason why they should put Intel on the Framework 16.

Nvidia? IMO, not anytime soon, if not ever. As much as I’d like to see a 100W 4060/70 in the FW16, LTT stated that NVIDIA has a total-control policy over their boards in one of his recent WAN shows. Given that and the carefulness Nirav puts in every future GPU related question, I wouldn’t wait for a blue/green config. If you want it, take it as-is.

Note: this is all speculation and my personal understanding of the current situation. If anyone knows better, please correct me! :love_you_gesture:


No worries. 13" is a bit too small for design work. I’m already invested in a particular design software and hardware. Until that vendor supports AMD/Radeon, I will be looking elsewhere.

Another reason against nVidia is their (lack of) Linux support.


I’m really curious who this vendor is. Is it dependant on CUDA or is there something else at play here?

I think there’s a great chance we see both Intel and Nvidia options… eventually. Since this machine was developed in partnership with AMD, it makes sense that gen 1 is all team red. It’s not like framework is not continuing to develop intel options for the FW13 though, so I don’t see this arrangement as them being relegated to AMD only as a company moving forward.

As insufferable as Nvidia is, there are plenty of workflows in which they have some major advantages over Radeon, and I think this will be the next ubiquitous consumer request, just like the AMD FW13 was in years past. There’s also the very real possibility that another Nvidia partner may also build and sell an expansion bay module for the FW16.

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It’s dependent on Nvidia being a terrible company. Really as simple as that.

No partner will be allowed to build an expansion bay module without Nvidia’s blessing.


Intel: yes, I don’t see why not. They have a working relationship with Intel.
Is Intel going to be snarky now that they released some AMD-based SKUs? Sure, but they tend to get over it.

Nvidia on the other hand is control freaks and if you want their stuff they need to approve it. What’s the chances that the current Nvidia approves a new form factor (the expansion bay module) that they didn’t push for or see a market need for… pretty close to zero.

Nvidia even did their best to kill off MXM form factor in pro notebooks.


As I don’t really use Linux much, I’m not personally affected by Nvidia’s lack of Linux support (however, I still share Linus’s opinion of them). That said, my experience with AMD/ATi GPUs has not been exactly… positive… Experiencing glitches and performance issues that haven’t happened on Nvidia GPUs. So, I do hope there will be an Nvidia option for FW16 at some point. I’m indifferent about the the CPU, though.

Granted, it’s probably been more than a decade since the last Radeon GPU I used, so I’m hoping that things have gotten better since then. And hey, if my experience with AMD on FW16 is positive, then I might not need to replace it with Nvidia; just a higher-end AMD!

Only if Nvidia permit it…

Plenty of AMD Advantage laptops are available in Intel variants, so there doesn’t seem to be an exclusivity contract.

And even if there was AMD Advantage is mainly a marketing thing for laptops that have AMD CPUs and GPUs and support certain AMD features. So I doubt Framework would agree to any exclusivity thing just for marketing (I bet that ultimately it would be better marketing for them to allow swapping between Intel and AMD).


if you want Nvidia then its upto users , like stop using Nvidia cards and even bombarded them with negative feedback on X , till them come to ground , its users who lift up these bloody companies and also can show them their place on ground too if they united. Nvidia is shit , you forgot what they did to EVGA company. we can just hope the AMD spend more on their R&D in graphics and beat Nvidia and so as intel work more on their Arcs series . in short words Nvidia is become EA which most of hate us.


I expect to see Intel CPUs in the FW16 given that they already had Intel for the FW13. Maybe in a year or two, we’ll see one. As for Nvidia GPU, I’m thinking it could be a slim probability. As much as I’d like to have a Nvidia GPU, I don’t expect to see one for a long time. I would like to see Intel Arc GPU at some point. I’m really hopeful for Intel GPUs and hope they’ll rival Nvidia (still early stages and working on being on par with AMD).

I’d really like to see an option to have an AMD CPU and an Intel GPU. :rofl: Completely backwards from what we’re use to seeing (usually Intel CPU with AMD GPU).

No idea. I prefer if my software support AMD/Radeon combo and/or ARM, runs on Android/iOS and Linux without costing us users another butt-load of cash (it is already very expensive as it is), but alas that’s it is what it is. No doubt other users are in the same boat.