AMD Questions/Requests

Question: Is there a way to stop windows from overwriting drivers? The fingerprint sensor driver keeps getting replaced and I have to reinstall it only to be installed later.

Question/Request: Is there any way to control the fan curve? I appreciate keeping the CPU/GPU from overheating but the fans are running 100% at 69C (nice). Surely the fan curve could be a little more quiet until it gets to say 80C or so? Is there a way to set this? If not, pretty please?

You may want to look into a registry hack for this. I believe both O&O shutup and winaero have these tweaks built in.

This is possible on linux with fw-fanctrl, but much harder on Windows because Windows. You may want to look into CrosEC if you’re really motivated.


Yeah, unfortunately it won’t due since Framework’s fan is not addressable/revealed in the OS. You have to control it from the EC.

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I haven’t used the tools on the Framework board often but fan speed isn’t reported in OS with hardware monitor? That seems…strange to say the least. I know I was able to tweak the fan speed on an x570 chipset fan. I’ll probably take my own medicine here in a bit and install it myself just to see

EDIT: NOPE, well never mind, it was a good idea while it last then. I’ll just go ahead and delete the post then since it doesn’t work