Fan control functionality on the way?


I would really like to see and I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting some ability to interact with the fans for Windows users without having to do any kind of tampering.

A basic MAX rpm/off functionality would suffice for me though others may want custom fan curves.

I got very much used to having my fans on max using a notification bar app on my MacBook 2015, which got very hot near the end of its life with many documents open including dozens of browser tabs.

At the moment I’ll have my Ryzen 13 framework on my lap and it gets very warm whilst running old-school Runescape at max 20fps while having the browser open and being on charge (50-70, usually around 66). The fans do start to spin up but not nearly as much as I would like nor do they stay high constantly. The noise does not bother me so it would be nice to have the choice to bring the temp down and have a cooler lap in exchange for some white noise as a preference during certain use cases.


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ectool already lets you do that, if you need something now.

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