AMD Rembrandt APU with Thunderbolt 4?

Now we have framework laptop with 11-gen INTEL Tiger-lake CPU and its iGPU, not the 8-cores AMD Cezanne APU like 5700u.

When I browser the whole community, I see someone say the reason is AMD doesn’t have native Thunderbolt support, which resulted in the expansion cards are hard to use PCIE to communicate with CPU, so we don’t have framework laptop with AMD processor.

But it’s said the Thunderbolt 4 supports both INTEL and AMD, if it’s work, will framework provide a laptop with next gen AMD APU? I really need the processor with 8 low power consumption cores and powerful iGPU.

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TB4 does work with AMD, but due to Intels (crappy) licensing, will not certify it. You can get ASUS motherboards right now with TB4. My desktop currently has TB3 running 2x 4K LG monitors over USB-C (and audio) with Gigabyte motherboard.