Annoying delay when tapping touchpad to click (and other missing settings)

Got my Framework a couple days ago, and for the most part I really like it. The only gripes I have (or at least, the most notable ones) are related to Windows’ Precision Drivers for the touchpad. I don’t usually like to physically click on the touchpad to click, so instead I just tap on the touchpad. Problem is, there’s a delay when clicking, like Windows is holding down the click for a moment before releasing the button. I assume this is to accommodate for if you want to tap and drag, but the problem is, I tend to click on something, and then move my mouse away too fast, so as a result, Windows thinks I want to drag the thing I’m clicking on, instead of just moving my mouse away, which is VERY annoying. The tap-delay as a result of this is also quite irritating, since it makes my muscle memory assume that I’ve clicked on something, and I move my mouse away, when in reality, I haven’t actually clicked there because I haven’t waited long enough for Windows to actually click there. So as a result, if I want the touchpad to work as intended, I have to wait for it to do what I want it to do. It’s very annoying.
If this is a problem that can’t be fixed because of Windows Precision drivers not having a setting for this, then I think I’d rather have custom/proprietary drivers instead. It sucks that Windows Precision doesn’t have the granularity of drivers that have been available for more than 10 years.
I think a nice middle-ground of some sort, if Precision Drivers don’t offer this option, would be a middle-man/filter driver of some sort between the touchpad hardware and the Precision driver, to treat regular taps as a hardware click on the touchpad to get around how Windows handles that, along with some other missing options like minimum force of a tap, so that just barely touching the touchpad with my finger doesn’t register as a click, and adjustable deadzones.

I ended up getting around this somewhat by turning off double-tap to drag, and clicking the touchpad down with my thumb whenever I want to drag something. Doesn’t fix the annoying delay when tapping to click on something, but it at least gets around the annoying accidental dragging. I shouldn’t have to adjust my habits like that, though.

As this is a Window’s precision driver, and not a Framework Laptop driver, I believe your request would make more sense lodged at Microsoft. Still glad you found a work around for yourself. :+1:

I would also add, that I don’t seem to be having this same issue on Windows 10 using the precision driver myself.