Annoyingly, Framework stole the spotlight

I’ve had a very strange day, being outstaged by my laptop!

I was a keynote speaker at a cyber security conference with work, but I genuinely had more conversations about using a Framework Laptop over my topic of writing software for my industry.

Now, I’ve been extremely vocal in my disappointment with my framework laptop over the issue that I and countless others have had with BSODs on the AMD version (looking at you Framework, you handled that horrifically), but since the beta bios update, I’ve genuinely enjoyed using this thing, and actually said that I recommend it.

It’s just a shame that I was outstaged by my laptop and the engagement I got was over the laptop and not my keynote :rofl: (the keyboard was the thing people most loved, and the quality of the build).


Off (or may on?) topic.
Is your keynote recorded publically somewhere?

I am also a SWE with an interest in Cybersec and would love to watch your talk!

I checked out your blog (I also blog through Ghost!), and saw you’re also into raspberry pi’s.

I’ve also been experimenting with building a weather api, so I could probably learn a lot from your Tides Today project :slight_smile: