Another UART Module

I’m working on a serial communication module that should bring out I2C, SPI, UART, and JTAG and support the most common voltage levels. Unforturnelty, because of a design error, the level shifting circuit isn’t working. So far, the UART is confirmed working, so that’s a good enough reason to start working on REV2. Eventually, it would be amazing to have a set of modules geared towards electronics/embedded development; I see someone is already working on a Logic Analyzer

There are a few more pictures on the insta


Awesome work! Connector selection is definitely a tricky one for this sort of card. We found a 0.1" pitch connector that just barely fits, that we put on the Microcontroller reference design.


To get a better fit, I dropped to 50mil (1.27mm) pitch; this makes it easier to sandwich the board between the two rows.

I made a bit more progress on the module; I made some board-level repairs and got the indications and level shiting circuitry to work. Now I can change the serial comm level to 5V, 3.3V and 1.8V, and the indicator LED. At this point, revision two looks like a production-level device.

The next big thing I need to work on is creating a configuration tool that will allow me to configure the device and provide a terminal or somthing to use the various communication protocols. That’ll be the hard part for me…

There’s slightly better video on Instagram