UART Expansion Card

I have developed a USB to UART expansion card that I have made a fully functioning prototype, this prototype uses the CH340C, along with switchable voltage and logic levels. (3V3 and 5V) This means that I will be starting sales relatively soon, I am estimating to sell these for around 25-30USD plus tax and shipping. Could people reply to this thread to say that they are interested so that I can start fabrication of my first batch. One question for everyone, would they prefer having pins or sockets on the external pins? I prefer sockets due to shorting and debris.


Is this just the PCB or will it have an enclosure? I’d be happy with sockets.

This will be a fully assembled module, I’m hoping to also have a lid but it may be too hard. It does slightly extend from the chassis to prevent using SMD headers and stay with through-hole headers due to stability issues. I will post an image of it inside a enclosure, except I do not have the needed screws at the moment wbich I have ordered as well as the jumpers for the voltage selector.