Would you look at that

Remember how I said I was working on too many expansion cards? USB to TTL level UART converter schematic is done! Expect a large number of expansion cards made by me to be completed by the end of the month. FYI these will be Australian-built but will ship to any place that would like one. Only needs one main component which is the CY7C64225 by Cypress. Life is good!


The PCB is done! As there is a wake system for the UART there will be a button soldered to the
PCB on the output side or the top as it juts out a little bit for room for the pin headers. Mini display port coming up next! (ethernet is being worked on as there is a lot of work needed for ethernet considering it will only be gigabit)


And the mini display port converter schematic is done. I will be ordering all the PCBs for these items on the 20th of September, so expect real-life images of these expansion cards without a casing as I do not have a 3D printer yet but will have one by November.
Schematic: https://github.com/jyancat/USB-C-to-miniDP. Expect PCB design done by end of tommorow.


@Josh_Cook I took a quick look at your design for the serial converters, and please double check your CC pin resistor values as they are incorrect or missing, so the card will not be recognized or power up at all.


I realized that a few days ago, luckily prototype PCBs are extremely cheap.

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Grin, I can’t think of any other laptop vendor who even looks at someone’s design for an “add on” to their computer. Bravo


Sometimes I get a bit ahead of myself, it’s always good to have a community to make sure everything is all good!

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I will also work on a expansion card with SPI, I2C, serial UART, GPIO’s, JTAG, some could say the swiss army knife of interface expansion cards. With the FT232H. Would people like any other connectors/IO for the swiss army knife? If anyone would like to assist me message me and we can figure things out. (somehow I am still excited to do this)


As for SD I’m currently looking at getting a tiny USB to UART with UART to SD as it’s hard to find USB to SD IC’s.