[ANSWERED] Frustration waiting pre-order to open in Taiwan

I live in Taiwan right now and it’s really hard for to understand why framework do not sell their product in here. I have several co-worker and friend that are very interesting in to purchase this laptop, but they don’t want to find a buying agent import for them because the extra cost isn’t cheap.

I have been writing several letters to framework support for a least half year and they always answer they plan to release in Taiwan, but until now there is no further news.


Same here in Japan, although I have not seen much interest in FW laptop here around me.

While I can understand the various legal and logistic factors that make expansion to more countries challenging, it is indeed peculiar that it is not yet available in Taiwan yet, as it is literally manufactured there.

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If you’ve ever wandered around Guang Hua Digital Plaza or browsed PCHome, you’ll know that even though so much is produced (and many of the biggest hardware manufacturers or HQ’d) in Taiwan, the actual PC markets sorta suck. You usually end up paying a 20%+ price premium over US MSRPs, and selection is terrible. Locals simply shrug and suggest that it’s due to market dynamics/size. It’s a little sad though when you compare it to Shenzen, which is another manufacturing hub that is a hardware wonderland. Wandering around Akihabara or doing a search on Kakaku is even more grim, but that’s largely due to the ASK Tax.

For Framework, I think the biggest barrier to entry if figuring out local certification, logistics, and service/warranty for any market they’re entering, and that this list is probably being prioritized roughly by difficulty x TAM.


I am in Japan as well - I don’t expect to get distribution here for a few years. I have relatives visiting in November so I am ordering the PC to them and the US and having them bring it with them. There was a Reddit thread not too long ago about someone who is going through some sort of middleman shipping agent to get theirs sent here. Maybe follow up there if you are interested…


Or even here :sweat_smile:

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Framework laptops are manufactured in Taoyuan, Taiwan; coincidentally, I also live in Taoyuan, Taiwan.
However, getting orders through the framework website, it shows that product availability is limited to only the United States.
With logistics aside, knowing that such a powerful machine is manufactured right next to me, yet getting my hands on it seems impossible, I’m here to make a inquiry to the framework team… Please consider launching the framework lineup of products here in Taiwan.


The laptop is currently available in many countries beyond just the US, and Framework is working on rolling out to more all the time. The best way to show that you want the laptop available in Taiwan (or any other country for people other than OP who may read this) is to set your locale on this page in order to let Framework know that you are interested in that locale to be prioritized in the international rollout.

Another note, manufacturing in Taiwan and distributing in Taiwan are two very different challenges for the Framework team. There is a lot of legal work that goes into Framework fully supporting a new region, along with them wanting to support everyone in the new region, requiring them to make sure their customer service team is able to operate properly in that region, and that support documentation is written in the local language. Its great to hear that you want to be able to buy the product, and hopefully Framework will eventually be able to fulfill that!


taiwan waiting +1


+1 from Taiwan


Taiwan +1


Any updates? They’ve been awfully quiet recently…


When we have updates on additional country/region availability, our Community will be the first to know. Thank you for your patience.