[Shipping] Asia / Taiwan / Singapore orders


I’m from Singapore.

Understand Framework laptops are manufactured and shipped from Taiwan, any estimated timelines where we can order and ship from Taiwan?

Of course, really hope if I can do a direct order to Singapore thou.

PS: I did thought of freight-forwarding a laptop from USA. However doesn’t make sense for the laptop to make a round trip back from a “green and sustainable” perspective.

Cheers! :wink:


I’m from Taiwan.

It’s a shame that they can’t ship to Taiwan, too. :sob:


Yeah…It’s weird that consumers here in Taiwan can’t get framework laptops manufactured here…Hope we can order it soon :DD


Hello, recently I came across this product and was amazed by the overall concept, however, I learned that although:

the product is currently can’t directly be ordered in Taiwan, which is really unfortunate considering the little shipping cost it may possibly have.

I understand there are many things to consider when it comes to ordering availability and you already have a page to submit an availability request, however, I think a forum thread would help people like us to express our concerns in public and probably have a transparent communication regarding this issue.

Thanks for your hard work!
林博仁(Buo-ren, Lin)

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I noticed that there’s already a similar thread at [Shipping] Asia / Taiwan / Singapore orders, oh well.


Note that the order availability now includes Taiwan:

Good luck to the friends in neighboring countries.

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