Any chance of an HHKB layout?

Seeing that this laptop is particularly attractive to developers and linux users I would love to see this layout.


Welcome to the forum @Alan.

There is a “blank” keyboard announced to be for sale eventually that will cater to everyone who wants a non-standard (or minority standard) keyboard beyond what Framework offers. Not saying they won’t do HHKB or Dvorak, but you will be able to do it yourself if the company doesn’t choose to. Other than removing the unused keys, of course.

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I suggest that they go a step further and release the keyboard with firmware that allows us to modify to our own taste: A QMK configurable keyboard


I feel we’re so happy if we can change following keys.

  • Rifght shift 2.5U → Right shift 1.5U + Fn 1U
  • Backspace <-> |

And the bottom row can be changed to 1 - 1.5 - 6 - 1.5 - 1U keys

Finally, I hope this layout.

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