Any Fairbuds XL user here?

Thought I’ll ask here since we’re all into repairable electronics, I assume.

Reviews of the Fairbuds XL look pretty good (on the repairability front).

What would the question be?

look pretty good != repairable

I think a person can also buy nonrepairable goods from companies that also happen to sell repairable things

The earbuds cost similarly to what you could buy a SONY for (I’ve sold one new pair of XM4 for €200 because I got it for free).
And the parts are not in their store. But at least the batteries are replaceable even though you can’t buy them from the store.

I really don’t understand why they named them Fairbuds. I forgot about them and went to search expecting large earbuds, of course they are actually over-ear headphones, not buds.

Probably because buds are fitting to their “Environmental friendly” concept? After all, buds come from the nature. (Search for it)

Imagine plastic that’s produced from elements that didn’t come from Nature… wow. So radical. They should use some Negative mass or Black matter… but even then it’s Nature.
I think green washing is a weak argument.
IMO the best argument is “you can fix it and buy parts for it” rather “it comes from nature therefore it’s good for you”… for instance touching a sea hedgehog is good as it’s from nature…

What are you talking about?

Buds probably represent both FairPhone trying to be better for the environment and also them starting to grow.

Why don’t you just keep buying from companies not trying to make a change and let us enjoy our products? I don’t get why you even bother to reply.

If you have some suggestions for FairPhone, tell it to them, not complain about it to us.

My suggestion was to not remove the audio jack. And now I bought a phone that had an audio jack. There were enough people that said this but they still did what everyone did. So there was nothing I could say that they would listen to.

I have Shure SE215 headphones. They have detachable and changeable cable. And I can go to a music shop to buy that cable. FP obviously didn’t want to compete with these kinds of headphones so they went with nonfixable bluetooth ones. People won’t need to fix them because they’ll simply lose them faster than they’ll break them.

The Fairbuds XL do support usb-c to 3.5mm jack cable.

Sony XM4 also supports that. But I tried the cable and it’s crap. So even if the the cable is supported it’s crap on Sony.
I don’t know how well it works on FP ones though. But if sony didn’t do it correctly then why would these guys do it better?

For instance Sony ones can’t properly run without power because it’s not enough and the sound is bad without power. So you have to use those batteries all the time.

The Fair is not about ecology and repairability for the user or eco system.

The Fair is in reference to those people who managed to get a Fair Trade gold on the market and then went on to exploit the phone and consumer market to projects their ethics which resulted in better working conditions for the factory workers in China.

Fair as in treating those that make the products better. That is may be seen as environmentally ‘better’ ( mining cleaner, recycling solder and plastics) is a consequence of trying to be fairer, not the other way around.

Putting the treatment of others as the most important issue to sustain, not the planet and definitely not the phone or this laptop.

For sensible discussions on the Fairphone buds( over the ear ) please go to the Fairphone forum.

Views there are ongoing and may benefit from critical involvement as well as place for the general chat and queries.


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IMO they should’ve stayed with phones and their job was to make it the best thing for the customer instead of making headphones which cost a fair share of the phone itself.

‘their job’

  • Who are you tyo say what another person’s job should be
  • I thought I made it clear ~ the job they set for themselves is to promote Fairtrade and started by getting better conditions for the miners and getting a fair trade gold on the market ~ an amazing feat
  • How they want to promote is not down to you or me

I didn’t really need an expensive laptop, let alone one

  • Without a touch screen
  • A less that ideal hingy screen
  • The ‘fear’ I may have to do a main board reset

but I like the Framework ethic and
I love the Fairphone one.

You are focusing on the money? ~ the modern tool to get people to do what you can’t or won’t do for yourself.

I hate headphones so won’t buy one, but a chopping board with a Fairtrade gold inlay > why not > prepare my own food :slight_smile:

Wood is cheap, Gold is not

not true

It’s cheap labour or expensive labour

And goodbye: Muting this topic

I suspect they’re copying Apple’s “AirPods Max” naming scheme.

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