Will Framework Phone be far from now?

Framework laptop DIY edition is very cool,since Technology giants and manufacturers are increasingly integrating electronics like laptops,of course, for more profit ,though.

Modularization design is what consumers really need.

So will there be Framework Phone DIY edition in the future?
Such as i can replace the battery by myself (Not like popular removable phone battery before around 2000-2010,Nor phone battery nowadays,but a solution between the two)

Or,i can add or remove type-c or lightning on the phone if needed LOL
Or,i can add or remove camera on the phone

There is a clear balance between integration and modularization,i think.
But for our new generation,we just missed the “Modularization” time and born in "Integration"time,but i don`t think Integration is the only choice for us,a machine can be Modularized,and its components can be integration.

The key is that,for high profit,the technology giants highly increase the difficulty for a consumer to fix or update his equipment bought from them.Thus we have to buy new one,or, we have to pay much money on the repairs.

So i`d like to have a Framework Phone,though i already have a smart phone LOL

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It is unlikely there will be any new products until Framework irons out the issues with the current laptop, and they are more likely to expand onto other laptops first.
But a few contributions to the idea, changing out a camera is ok, but I’m not sure about whether being able to completely remove the camera is necessarily a good thing. Secondly, Lighting is a proprietary Apple only connector, it would just be easier to follow the new EU Standards and just use USB-C.

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I personally don’t think it makes sense for Framework to enter the extremely competitive and saturated mobile phone market just yet… besides, there are already two popular players in the modular phone space: Fairphone and Purism.

Hmmm… I personally own a Fairphone 3+ and have had no need to open it or swap parts.

Most average consumers may not even be comfortable pulling apart their own device, let alone a phone with it’s much, much smaller and delicate parts. For these users it’s easier to let a repair shop carry out a fix or part swap.

You don’t need a modular phone to be able to replace a battery or remove a camera, although it being modular (and documented) sure does make it easier :sweat_smile:

I’m fine with a manufacturer only making spare parts available - modularity is not a requirement, unless they are aiming for a product that can be upgraded by the average consumer.

Lightning is a USB 2.0 connection, and also apple proprietary (as mentioned by @Water261 ) which in my opinion seems a bit dated now with how widespread the faster USB-C connector is.


I certainly hope Framework keep out of the mobile phone market.

I want them to concentrate on what they are good at. When they are ready, they should move forward with new computer designs - such as larger screens and some of the many requests made by people here.

Also, Framework has rightly gone for some of the best parts in their design - such as a 1080p camera, still very rare in the laptop market. If they were to adopt the same standards in the mobile phone market, it would price the phone in the top flagship range, making it very much a niche product.

Lastly, it would be very difficult to offer bespoke phones in the same way as the DIY computer offer - to assemble phones to an individual order.

No, please keep away from mobile phones.


I would agree with njf. Fairphone already exists, even though they STILL do not have a model intended for sale in North America, which seems just ridiculous at this point.

And while I agree with njf, I don’t mean that I never want to see them doing something beyond a laptop. I think their plan is to do something like that eventually. But I just think the modular nature of the Framework Laptop still has not been fully explored. I am using that modularity to make my own laptop, for example, and I am willing to bet many more have ideas of their own.

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Isn’t modular in smartphone dead? I am very excited for the technology but the market don’t think so.

Project ARA, Moto mod and LG G5 (friends) doesn’t work out.

Fairphone looks promising but it’s not upgradeable and no customization to the level that I’m satisfied. If I want foldable screen I’m out of luck.

If framework came out with modular concept like project ARA. Just take my money. I will buy dozen of components too thinking that I could swap components with my family and can sell in 2nd hand market. They could use same module for tablet since tablet is just a big phone.

More compromise version is they are doing something like fairphone but all of the components keep the same dimension so I don’t need to buy a new phone case, I can swap out higher capacity battery in the future. I can upgrade the board for faster SoC.

I would be super down if I can still have the iPhone quality camera! Part of my job is social media and I can’t be out here looking like an RPG character :laughing:

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Oh, come on. Represent your 16-bit glory.

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A framework phone would be awesome but impractical. Something that might work though is a tablet. Depending on how small they can get it, it could work as a phone, once someone develops a GSM module. You can already install android on a regular computer, so with some tinkering you’d be able to do it. The camera would probably be built in and not a module, but then someone could make a module for a better camera when needed.