Any plan for speaker upgrades?

I found the sound quality on my new framework laptop speakers to be quite tinny and muffled, and it buzzes when the volume is turned up all the way. Are there any plans for an upgrade path for laptop speakers? I know form factor may be a limiting factor here… but I would absolutely shell out some $$$ for some better speakers on this thing!


mmmm… that is one thing I never really tried on mine was the speakers. I have it docked in an eGPU when I game and use my 4k phone display for youtube etc… I guess the only time I ever even used the speaker was a web call but had no issues with that. Good Question though!

Do you have the laptop on a flat hard surface? As they are down-firing anything soft underneath will affect the sound.

That said, I don’t think the are they the best, but much better than I had expected with the space constraints.

Mine at almost max do not rattle or buzz, check if it is mounted right or something touching it inside.

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Side note… Once the speakers are available in the Framework Marketplace, be interesting to get a pair and do a deep dive into them and see if anything can be done…


@ImaxinarDM as I understand it too, the acoustics and placement within the case can drastically impact sound quality. However, I concede I am no expert. Perhaps, it has less to do with speaker quality and more to do with the bottom case/shell design.

Alas, mine definitely buzz when the volume is turned up and my laptop’s on a hard surface.

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Maybe an expansion card could be created with better speakers?

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I plug my Amplified speakers into the headphone jack… Nothing easier.

The modules have very little space available in them and would require circuitry to decode USB audio, amplify it, and push the output to a audio driver in the space left over. 50 lbs in a 10 lb sack.

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Side note… (pun intended)



If your speakers are buzzing, definitely double check whether one of your wifi antennas is touching it. Im pretty sure that the reason for the strict cable management of those, cause they run pretty close to the speaker chassis.


@Nich_Trimble will check this… Wifi card was such a PITA to install with my big fat fingers, the thought of removing and reinstalling fills me with trepidation.


If they are touching, you should be able to just nudge the wires away, and if it comes to re-socketing the card, you may be able to at least keep the wires connected to the wifi card

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I’ve had no real issues with my speakers. They sound fine for a 13" laptop, and the large grills on the bottom certainly help, but upward firing would probably have been better as they are awfully quiet at 100%. I often end up using headphones anyway, especially when listening to most movies or shows with others, or just turning captions on. They sound alright, just extremely quiet,

I thought you would seat the card first and then mount the antenna wires?
At least that’s what I always do. I am quite surprised to see the majority of people doing the opposite.