New 80db Speaker option in Marketplace?

I saw someone mention this on Reddit:

What’s the story behind this? Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places but I’m not seeing anything about them aside from that thread.

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It is for the Chromebook model that is coming out. I am eagerly waiting for them to be released too.

Any idea how they might compare to the standard speakers? The replacement guide looks like you need a steady hand with the battery connector etc.

If my memory serves, they are much louder. Something I want from the Framework after improving the sound via EQ settings.


how did u optimize the EQ
And would u care to share your EQ-Settings?

You can find them in this thread:


Here they are.

I can feel that we’re about 80db closer to the long-awaited Fn lock input cover!


Man, I am really tempted to get them.

I wonder how they perform versus the originals (except louder)?

Has anyone gotten the new 80db speakers and tried it out? How does it fare against the old ones?

Expecting to receive a set today, not sure when I will make time to install them.

Perhaps tomorrow.


Hope it is great!

@Edward_Gray For me the market place still says “coming soon”… Was it available when you ordered it?
Anyway, nice that you get to try it out and give your impressions so that we know what to expect!



Showed available, so I ordered it. FedEx didn’t deliver today, so maybe tomorrow.

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@Edward_Gray Oh! It was unavailable because I was browsing the marketplace in US settings, but it became available once I changed to France!!

Ordered it too! ^^

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Please, keep us posted about the comparison of these against the stock ones.


Just upgraded to the 80db speakers. Absolutely fantastic, great job, Framework team! These should be the default option.

Max volume is actually load now, and I don’t need to use any loudness settings in EasyEffects (EQ) to make the volume sound more reasonable.

Please let me know if any of you have any questions about them!

The only annoying part of installation is lifting the tape for cable-managing the right speaker.


Previously, the sound of the speakers without EQ sounded horrible even if the environment was bad, would it be better now by default?

I still need EQ, but it’s important to mention I am on Fedora Linux. It might be better for Windows users.

One thing I’m loving is that the audio sounds less “tiny” at higher volumes, though. This is especially noticeable with good EQ.

I’m using this EasyEffects preset right now: Speakers sound quality - #63 by Philonmetal

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That’s great!

I am on PopOS now with EasyEffects too. Guess I will get the speakers once they are in stock.



I would purchase them (also in stock in Germany) if it wasn’t for the €30 shipping fee. Isn’t there a wearhouse on Europe?