Any plans on supporting Strix Halo in 2025?

Strix Halo the new big AMD APUs are comming in 2025 and should if the rumours are right hit 4060 levels of performance, have 16 cores while having 256bit lpddr5 interface in theory allowing for up to 512gb of ram. This is a beast for productivity especially for local AI work (if the software plays nice). So i was wondering if there is any interest in high ram amount 13 or 16 inch notebooks with that chip. Only problem being that the ram isnt exactly upgradable unless CAMM2 is used for the RAM where it still stands to question how easily available that RAM will be.
I think though if it is possible this could be extremly interesting because it would fill a niche of the marked where i am unsure any other company will have anything, especially if the upgradabe RAM is an option.

Any how wanted to know what peoples thoughts are on the Topic.


You assume the rumors to be right. And you also assume to know what kind of hardware you’ll need in one year time. Personally I don’t think I’ll need this sort of hardware in the foreseeable future. But if you work with LLM/GenAI I get your interest. Still a few points:

This is some nice bandwidth. But twill require soldered ram or maybe a couple LPCAMM2 module (one is 128bit) if it’s possible. No ECC support for lpddr5, so probably no “Ryzen PRO” cpu. So I guess such a product would be more targeted to gamers rather than professionals.

This would require you to buy some 256GB LPCAMM2 modules. Even with Phoenix the limit on paper is 256GB but in practice I don’t see online any SODIMM module with capacity above 48GB, limiting the max amount of ram to 96GB.

Framework 13 motherboard does not have much empty space. I doubt this chip you’re talking about can fit in the same socket as phoenix. So basically framework would need to fully redesign the motherboard (taking also into account moving to lpcamm2) and probably the cooling system. I wonder if this is achievable in the 13 inch form factor.

That’s a big if. You can find some topics in this forum about software not taking full advantage of the system RAM on fw13 amd. Personally I’ve tried some pytorch stuff on mine and it does not allocate GTT ram to my understanding. Also I’ve never tried XDNA because driver still requires to recompile the kernel.

[PATCH v2] drm/amdkfd: Let VRAM allocations go to GTT domain on small APUs - Lang Yu may be very interesting to look at.


Personally, I think the rumors are overblown. This is just from experience with each year’s hype-cycle.

If people get their information from MLID or some other Youtubers, I would recommend they stop. Those people are the equivalent of con-artists trying to profit off of tribe mentality with Intel or AMD! Rarely, if ever are they right, and you yourself can make better predictions if you put more time to learning about the industry instead :slight_smile:

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Moore’s law is dead, team red gaming, and practically every other leaker specs have all started lining up on what has simply got to be the final specs at this point. They look incredible.
16 cores 32 threads
40 CU of RDNA 3.5
That’s 2560 cores. So more than a RX 7600 XT or PS5

Even Tom’s Hardware is posting articles about it at this point.

My current rig is a Threadripper 2950x and a 6700 xt. It looks like this new chip will literally be my desktop in a laptop form factor. Only with 3 times the Cache. How can anyone say no to such a monster?

If Framewwork releases a 16 inch version mobo that supports this monster. I will buy it. Full stop.

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