Any spare 11gen mainboard?

I would like to play with 11gen mainboard. Is there anybody in EU who upgraded to 12th gen and is willing to sell the old one? I cannot buy it directly from Framework yet.


I have one, that I even made an orange 3D printed enclosure for :smiley:. However I still can’t find an use for it, so I might just as well sell it. It is an i7-1185G7, dunno if you’re looking for that one or lower.

The cheapest one would be the best. I do not want to fry more $$$ than it’s necessary :). Lets see if there’s someone with i5 CPU.

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I have an i5 11th gen mainboard. I didnt really plan to upgrade, but what would you be willing to pay for it?
Maybe I will be willing then.

€300 + shipping