LTT want your feedback on Framework Laptop

Just putting this here, for those who might have missed it

I supposed they want you to respond to their post


I went ahead and shared my thoughts there. I do hope Linus or the LTT team take a peak here as many of the issues people highlight have solutions on this forum. I suggested as much there on twitter.



Can’t reply :frowning: Don’t have Twitter!

Well, reply here. I’ll post the link to this thread to them :+1:

CHEERS… I got my framework early on after I watched Linus’ review of it (before he invested) and now I use it as my daily driver for work (IT Professional) and at home as well as for gaming (via eGPU dock). Have done some upgrades to it but never needed any additional computers at home since!

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*Edit to add the most important point: On Fedora with Wayland/Pipewire/all the little tweaks that are required for Fedora to be laptop friendly, I show people the experience of using the Framework and the universal reaction is that it looks and behaves better than MacOS. This product would compete with the consumer experience of Apple if the OS were properly configured out of the box and had a supporting ecosystem.

With the new bios dropping imminently, I hope LTT tests the laptop before and after (3.07 and 3.09) with regard to the widespread complaints about battery drain. It’s certainly my only real complaint and I suspect that remediation will come with the update.

I will say that I see Framework acting consistently 1.) in good faith to the consumer and 2.) to fulfill their promises of an upgrade-able ecosystem. The laptop that I purchased months ago has only improved, which I have never been able to say about any other consumer electronic.

Of course I do have a wish list that I’d like to plug to LTT:

  1. LTE/Starlink/Google Fi Expansion Cards
  2. Expansion cards for full size SD cards, HiFi Audio output
  3. Dual NVMe slots
  4. a 99wh battery
  5. OLED 4K touchscreen made from Gorilla Glass Victus
  6. Top panel that either hinges 360 degrees or flippy-flips like a surface studio
  7. Ryzen silicon (I know, I should take a number)
  8. Carbon Fiber/Magensium alloy panel upgrade options
  9. An integrated stylus
  10. Coreboot
  11. Purchasable kits for reusing mainboards as routers/firewalls, NAS, media servers, smart TV clients, etc.
  12. Improved water resistance and shock absorption

And some ambitious roadmap ideas such as

  1. D2C retail stores, ESPECIALLY in train stations, airports, universities and other places where the consumer will be when they have the least ability to wait for shipping
  2. B2B sales and support - starting with small business, which will rapidly increase demand for the ecosystem
  3. Creating an open-source ecosystem in the same product categories as Apple, with the same UX obsession as Apple, but while maintaining Framework’s modularity. This would require that Framework tackle the software ecosystem, too, which is IMO more doable than people realize.
  4. Additions to the ecosystem where the market presents obvious opportunities: home networking (the Unifi dream machine LONGS for real competition, and that company is a mess from what I hear), high-quality dumb TV’s, NAS, etc.
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Won’t reply, won’t have Twitter etc. :slight_smile:

@amoun Reply on this thread, I’ve put it under my response on twitter and tag LTT and Linus account.

I don’t expect to be be a massive game changer in their sample of response, but i cost nothing :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the thread. I just want to share there is LTT specific thread: Great Review from LTT! . But I am fine for this new thread about giving the feedback to LTT.

My bad for this :grimacing:. Thought a thread where there is only answers, would be better for LTT to parse through.

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Agree on your point!

I have very few complaints and have details at

It’s all been generally nice. The biggest issue is the BIOS battery drain.

Other issues are -

Cost of shipping other parts.
Laptop feels fragile (it’s too thin really).
Battery does burn through quick if doing intensive stuff. If the laptop was thicker we could have a larger battery…75Wh should be the minimum for this laptop really.

But when it works it’s great.

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Given that the question is regarding the Framework Laptop experience, and not about experience with Framework Marketplace, dispatch, shipping, Framework Support…here’s my opinion of my perceived experience with the Framework Laptop:
As a 1st gen product from a start-up: Ok, I guess. It does 95%+ of what I expected it to do, when I expected it, with minimal surprises. The other 0-5%…well, those are my WTF moments.

As a laptop (and this depends on which CPU option / price bracket other people have chosen): Me, i7-1185g7, at that price point, there are better options if I wanted a solid laptop.

I have internal mental struggle with this particular purchase: Part of me want to support Framework…part of me want a bloody awesome laptop…and part of me want a bloody awesome laptop that I can recommend to others…so that the other “support Framework” part of me can feel satisfied.

To me, it’s frustrating as hell that the laptop is not what I consider as ‘competitive / best value’ in the CAD 2500 (before tax) price range. Not because of the technical specs of the hardware…but because of the overall end-user experience. Making it difficult to be recommended, making supporting Framework that bit bigger of a hurdle.

The laptop needs to function well as a laptop, regardless of upgradability / reparability / sustainability…etc. It is, first and foremost, a laptop, to be used as a laptop. It needs to be a product that people ‘want’ to use to get things done. General population doesn’t use a laptop just to use a laptop. It’s always about task completion / outcome / result…and / or the journey to reach them. That is, if there are 10 different models of laptop to choose from, general population will pick the most friction-less unit for their use cases, putting passion of upgradability / reparability / sustainability aside. The Framework laptop needs to be the laptop that people will gravitate towards to buy, to use, to bring around…time and time again, before any of those upgradability / reparability / sustainability aspects could come to fruition. People want to repair / upgrade what they like using, enjoy using…not the things that want to get rid of.

For the i5 variant…I imagine people are less demanding / critical…

Trust me, I know how much of a pain in the butt I can be / have been…but that’s because I REALLY want Framework to succeed…not survive. You need to bring your A (+++) game, and come out swinging…to WIN, big. e.g. Being just a participant in the laptop market isn’t to change the industry.

I understand some of the struggles (funding, people / resources / logistics…etc)…so I’m willing to look past 1st gen laptop…and place my hope into the 2nd / 12th gen laptop (because now, you have more funding, more lessons learnt and experience under the belt).

So, while I tend to have messages of hate to some aspects of the laptop…please know that they stemmed from a loving background (That’s the extent of my Asian tiger parenting skill).

Negative experience / surprises / unknowns at the time of purchase summary:

  1. SN850 - Wasn’t this tested for compatibility? The firmware upgrade being Windows-only was time consuming. It’s not Framework’s fault for the SN850 firmware upgrade pre-requisite. But if it’s an SSD option from Framework, then I would expect smooth OOTB experience, tested.
  2. Lid flex - potentially to the point where it could damage the LCD panel. Has yet to happen to me…but that’s because I fear to bring it around. It really is flexy in the centre.
  3. Hinge - I can’t have it opened at 150 degrees, and then placed it on the table without it self-dropping. Also, the bounce / resonance issue…still waiting for this to be addressed (even in the 12th gen model).
  4. Keyboard - No Fn-Lock indicator.
  5. CPU boost performance - This has been addressed with the help of Framework support. But I shouldn’t need to in the first place.
  6. No LVFS for the laptop BIOS.
  7. Display port expansion card BIOS stutter.
  8. Expansion card battery drain in suspend / sleep (Windows).
  9. Battery maintenance (max / min charging thresholds, and reset / calibration). “max” threshold had since been implemented.
  10. RTC battery drain.
  11. RTC battery drain in conjunction with the Intel bug.
  12. Speaker-chassis rattle / resonance.
  13. Lack of “Check for Driver Bundle / BIOS” program / applet / notification subscription.
  14. Lack of microphone array to filter out fan noise and keyboard typing noise.
  15. Insyde’s lack of timely BIOS update regarding the CVE fixes since Feb 2022.
  16. USB peripheral connectivity stability / voltage (?)
  17. TB4 certification is nowhere in sight even after 1 year since product launch.
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I suppose that is one of the downsides, with higher classed laptops they typically have a higher class chassis, and other components as well (screen keyboard etc), but with Framework even if we ditch money into the highest specs available we still get the normal 1000$ laptop chassis.
Hopefully this will change overtime if new displays, webcam modules, chassis, hinges and more are released.

Well isn’t it only the screen (lid) that is a bit flexy and that is amended in the Gen 12 issue, and there is an option for a stiffer hinge.

Those two issues should already be addressed in the 12th gen units.

Though there’s still the hinge bounce / resonance / springy issue that Framework is still looking into.

Hmm! Isn’t that what I said ? but the Gen 12 still comes with the initial 3.3Kg hinges. The 4Kg are an extra ??

Yeah, it’s what you said / asked. I’m just siding with you…and adding “should”…we have yet to see the reviews. Guess I missed the “Yeah” at the beginning of that response.

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?? Only the one issue is addressed in Gen 12 ~ the lid Not the hinges??