Anyone else's USB A module difficult to remove?

I’ve only populated my laptop with USB C and USB A modules so far. USB C is fairly easy to remove. USB A requires a lot more force!

Have not tried HDMI, SD card reader, or ssd yet.

So far all of mine have gotten easier as I get used to it, and they get used.

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This is what we have found when studying this. The force for the first 1-10 cycles on each card is fairly variable, but after 10 or so cycles, the force starts to fall into a similar range for most cards.


That’s my experience as well. Just take a bit of breaking-in to increase the tolerances.

Side note: I use one of those microSD-SD adapter card as a ‘lever’(?) against the recessed edge, to push out the expansion card (while pressing on the button, of course)

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I have noticed variations between each card as well and each slot, but this is the sacrifice that you have to make for customization. Tolerances on something like this have to be really precise, honestly surprised they are as good as they are.

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That’s been my experience with the USB C. They are pretty easy at this point. After quite a few cycles, the A’s still take much more significant force to remove. Sometimes I send them flying xD Honestly not a big deal. Super happy with the laptop.

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