Easiest way to remove expansion cards (Pictures included)

Hi all,

I personally found it very difficult to remove the expansion cards using one hand on the release button, and one hand on the card. Some may have already found this out by experimentation, but I think it’s much easier to use two thumbs (one on each side of the card) with your left index finger pressing on the eject button. Maybe it’s just me, but this took me about 5 minutes to figure out.

I decided to take a few pictures showing this.


Nice pics! After a bit of practice, I’m able to get the cards out with the laptop upside-down on my lap quite consistently for easy swapping. Already switched the charging port side quite a few times, which is such a nice feature. :slight_smile:

Demo (not on lap but same idea):


After a few months of this, you get used to a single handed removal with the laptop right-side-up by using one finger to press the release button and the others to slide the card out!


Thank you! I just got mine yesterday evening and was struggling to remove the ports. Using your method makes it easy.

Also noticed that @nrp was flexing his card removal chops in an interview :laughing:


Tried all these, what worked for me is thumb of one hand pressing the release button, index and middle of the other pulling

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OMG thank you! This guide is brilliant, I was struggling with this!

I feel they may loosen up & removal may become easier over time but the first time is a real b*tch!!

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This helped me too. Having to test my system without any of the expansion cards connected and I was really struggling with removing them, this helped immediately!

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So Helpful
I was scared to hurt my new shiny baby
Got big hands that break stuff :sweat_smile:

This was so helpful! I got my framework a few days ago and had the impression the slots became impossible somehow without using the included Metal spudger. This works well and removed my need for any external tooling to swap the cards.

Maybe I’ll some day also become a one handed wizard like some here :smiley:

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