Anyone fancy buying my Framework Laptop (DIY - i7-1185g7)?

Complete laptop with the following items, for $1500 CAD?

This is today’s quote from the site (CAD, before tax):

Battery charge cycle count: 33
Battery full charge capacity: 3389mAh (94.8% of design capacity, or 5.2% wear)
Audio chip / codec: Realtek
SSD Data Units Written: 2,978,260 [1.52 TB]
SSD Power On Hours: 192

Testing the waters…

  • Realised that for the price of the i7-1280p board & lid, I could actually get a whole new unit, assuming I can sell the Gen1 system. Without having to manually deal with board swap and lid change…and someone will have a complete system instead of me having a board just lying around. (i.e. I’m not ditching Framework)


  1. I hope to sell the unit as a whole / package, and sell locally in the Vancouver, BC, area.

Interested, I’ll send you a pm.

Thank, you by the way, for including the configuration and clearly laying out the battery and SSD status right there :slightly_smiling_face: