Anyone found a place to purchase the RTC battery for Ryzen 13"?

I’ve been having troubles trying to find a battery that meets the specifications:

Ryzen™** 7040 Series:** Rechargeable 3V Lithium manganese dioxide battery with a Molex 51021-86022 compatible 2-pin connector.

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AMD boards are made to use the main battery as an RTC battery.
Framework has no solution for you. But you’ll apparebtly be able to buy a battery (with leads and connector is unclear) “soon”.

And NGL, I don’t see much if anything for an off the shelf solution with that exact connector.

Might work, (CAN ONLY BUY IN QUANTITIES OF 100, SORRY)but it’s a 51021-022 connector, not sure if that will fit. Would love to see someone from framework clear this up, it’s seemingly hard to find exactly what a 51021-86022 even is or where it is on the mainboard to measure.

Datasheet for 51021 **00
Starting to get confused on what FW means by a 86022 compatible 2 pin, anything with 8 seems to be the full connector.
My guess is it’s the last link, as far as the connector goes. What matters there is it’s a 1.25mm pitch.

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I believe there is marketplace listing for this part, although it is “Coming Soon”: Framework

Looks like a pretty easy diy build if you have the connector

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Where can I find the specification requirement of said 3V battery? Like charging limit voltage, discharge cut-off voltage, charging current, etc. So we can buy and install the correct type of battery without damaging the battery, or worse, the mainboard.

Ryzen™** 7040 Series:** Rechargeable 3V Lithium manganese dioxide battery with a Molex 51021-86022 compatible 2-pin connector.

They say 51021-86022 “compatible” 2 pin. Don’t focus on the 86022 ending, that’s just one particular connector within the series. Probably a typo with an extra 2, and they mean this You can see other Molex “officially” compatible connectors with the 51021 series link on that page. But they are just Molex PicoBlade connectors, I believe most JST 1.25 connectors will fit. They all seem to be based off of Molex PicoBlade.

Next, Framework says a “Rechargeable 3V Lithium manganese dioxide battery” Good luck searching for that. I think they mean Lithium-ion manganese oxide, seems to be the most common rechargeable coin cell chemistry. Looks like “technically” Lithium-ion manganese oxide batteries are manganese dioxide, MnO2, but they commonly call it manganese oxide in the battery name.

lithium ion manganese oxide battery (LMO) is a lithium-ion cell that uses manganese dioxide

And then, they don’t mention polarity. Though you can see polarity on the FW16 battery in the marketplace You have to presume they wouldn’t change the polarity between FW13 and 16. That would be terrible. Perhaps it’s just standardized on coin cells? Would be a reason not to mention it.

So overall, I think Framework really needs to fix the AMD battery section. I think it’s kind of a mess.

Has anyone luck with finding a suitable battery?

The battery is very common the ML 1220 or do you mean the cable?

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I mean something that is proven to be working with the right battery and connector.

Well ‘proven’ you mean you want someone else to test a purchase.

The battery is the rechargeable ML 1220, which you can by with the 2 pin plug or buy a plug and wire and make one.

What do you think could be the problem?

The battery terminals are marked + and - and the cables are red and black.

The voltage will be around 3V when new and the laptop is set up to charge it automatically.

All you have to do is buy and plug it in.

You can even check the battery pins on the board, which should be around 3.1V 3.2v I doubt and the ML 1220 voltage, from 2.8v to 3v

Framework note the battery as an ML 1220 and mention the plug as a 2 pin Molex
Various manufacturers, Panasonic, KTS etc.

I am a normal customer without the equipment to check if the battery is the correct one and is correctly wired. I prefer a solution which does not need such checks and does not damage the mainboard eventually.

If you able to open the laptop and do manual labour, you are not a ‘normal’ customer, in that you are inept.

Framework have made it clear the battery is a rechargeable one. It’s designation is ML 1220 that’s Magnesium Lithium. The 1220 is the size 12mm wide and 2.0 mm thick, see the first link below.

Here are some links. The first shows a Maxell but Framework used a KTS. They can be different brands but the specs are the same

  1. On my site:

  2. Topics on this site:

Any such battery with a cable and two pin plug should be fine. You can see the socket it plugs in and buy one with the appropriate plug, though I doubt there are many options. At the worst you would buy the wrong one and have to return it.

Still it’s easy enough to tell and you could go to a shop.