Arcing damage to charger plug prongs - safe to use?


I’m hopefully being massively overly cautious here. I’ve noticed slight/minimal ?arcing damage to the AC prongs of my Framework charger after visiting a relative. See attached photos.

Is there any issue at all with me still using this plug? Or is there any fire risk above baseline or risk of damage to the rest of the adapter/laptop that suggests I need to get a new AC cable (if so, which would you recommend)?

Those marks are tiny, they won’t be a problem.
If you had a large amount of damage or corrosion on the body of the pins (where they make contact when it’s plugged in) then that can increase resistance and cause heating at the contacts, at least with high wattage devices. Such as space heaters.


Great. Thanks for this. Glad I was overreacting!

Looks fine, but if the receptacle was loose where you were, maybe let them know? Loose connections cause arcing in general. Also I’ve noticed arcs when I plug a USB C charger into the wall when connected to the laptop(USA, 120V), so plug the charger into the wall first then into the device if you want to be really safe.