[SOLVED] Charging cable split and frayed


I’ve had a USB-C cable for like a year and it’s starting to degrade, I’ve also seen a couple of posts stating that their framework adapter’s C-cable is starting to split and because (thank god) it’s removable; would framework make the cable available just stand-alone instead of having to buy a third-party one / the entire charger again.



I wonder how it’s degrading, around the plugs?

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My personal ones are degrading near the ends, I’ve seen a picture of a framework cable that has split near the right-angled connector.

(With my cables i mean non-framework ones because it’s not yet available in my country, just planning ahead)

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Also just natural mechanical damage like accidentally cutting it or bending the connectors.

It’d be cool to see a framework cable on the marketplace cause otherwise I have to source one via a third party.

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Not that this what you want but you may like to look at these magnetci cables.

The issue of note is the way the sleeves to the cable have been elongated and the cable has woven nylon outer for strength.

Magnetic may not be what you want but they are just what I was looking for especially using Fairtrade gold, only the second product I know that does.

Sadly they are not on public sale yet and the crowdfunded job has only just received it’s first batch.

It seems it took them as long to make the cable as it took to make the Framework lapton ???

Another option is the cable from Faiphone. I have a couple of their early versions that are moved around to charge a coulple of phones etc and are fine after 20 months.

The following link is just to get you thinking, I’m not sure I’d buy one even though it says it has a kevlar and nylon braid.


Yeah, those are amazing options. I’ve yet to find a good magnetic cable though. I was just hoping that framework made the cable separately buyable if possible of course.

I see that fairphone did that so that’d be cool of framework to do as well.

The people they manufacture with might only bundle the cables with the actual charging brick, if so that’s fine. I’d love some insight from the framework team.

In the meanwhile I’ll look into the suggestions you gave, thanks!

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Be careful if you go with a magnetic cable. I’ve been tempted, but it’s just not worth the risk to me. They are not up to USB Type-C spec and under the right circumstances could damage/fry your laptop.

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More importantly, the lid-closed detector in the framework is magnetic: if you put a magnet against the right hand side of a framework laptop, it will interpret that as a lid-close. In most configurations, that means it will turn off the screen and suspend.

If your charge cable has magnets in it, it will be much more likely you’ll trigger this “feature” accidentally.

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Hi I’m not sure what the risk would be and there are people on this forum that are making magnetic extension cards to avoid the need of the extra ‘plug/socket’ that I’m intending to use.

@Nils That’s an interesting point. Should be get my cables in a couple of weeks so will let you know if your suspicions pan out.


I know there is quite a large thread of people building an expansion card with a magnetic port built in, but they’re all accepting the risk. The main reason that I’m aware of is that the unprotected pins can easily cause a short due to static electricity. The exposed pins on your laptop are now an exposed point that can conduct static electricity directly to your internal components. Source

I also believe there’s some risk involved with the fact that all of the connections (power & data) are made all at once. In USB Type-C cables that are up to spec the ground pin is connected before anything else makes connections. This helps prevent any accidental electricity, static or otherwise, from frying your device. This does not happen when you just snap together all of the pins all at once on a magnetic connector. Source

So, I feel that the possibility of risk may be small, but it has a lot of opportunity to damage the device, hence why I don’t do it and why I caution others to do it. If the convenience is worth the risk to you, by all means, go for it. It’s a very cool concept, just not one that I’m willing to risk at this time.


That would be a design flaw as it must be possible for an earth/ground pin to make contact first. But a good point I will look into that. Thanks


Have requested Syllucid, who are about to send me magnetic cables, address these issues

Here is the response from Syllucid

Hi *******, Thanks for your questions. a) Compared to other designs, the connectors on our tips are not as exposed providing some protection. While theoretically there is an increased risk, anecdotally static discharge does not appear to be an issue with this design which has been available for a number of years. b) The type C male end of the cable is connected to the negative electrode of the power supply, meaning grounding has been completed. I hope this addresses your concerns.

As the USB C doesn’t connect directly to the battery, what can be shorted out that can cause damage.

If it is a matter of worrying about any DC output the USB C provides.

a) isn’t it protected from a short circuit?
b) can the output from one USB C be disabled?

I had personally contacted USB-IF and they did indeed say that magnetic cables pose a risk to your device and highly discourage using them. I do not care about what a manufacturer says they just want money.

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Well that would apply to everything you buy, even food, which is why I invest a lot of time cultivating land etc. and not selling the produce. Any excess gets composted.

Most probably everyone you speak too wants money but manufacturers want to keep making money from sales.

So I imagine they have a vested interest in making sure the products they sell are viable for the market they target.

Will see how these cables work out, and since I bought most to give away I’d better provide the ‘warnings’ alluded to :frowning:

Writing a reply to report that I am now encountering the same problem. System is only 6 months old and I also have a longitudinal tear on the sleeve. May be a design flaw or quality control issue if there have been reports of similar wear patterns. The tear is also getting longer as time goes by.

I concede there is no official recourse for me as I’m in an unsupported country. Likely will also be cheaper to just replace the thing locally.

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I suppose it could be down to your use that creates the issue, not that that is any 'excuse.

I did think the way the cable is formed to the plugs was a bit rough…

However both the images indicate bending at the ‘rough’ joint, the former one more so, so that would indicate maybe a ‘poor’ storage in a bag maybe where the plug gets bend maybe 90° against the cable…

An update on my expected magetic cables from Syllucid

I was expecting a delivery yesterday but the package got trashed between UK customs and UPS, disappointed a bit but not surprised.

The really exceptionally bright and cheerful news is that I have just received a phone call from the founder (Netherlands to UK) to explain what they have discovered and are about to send a new package.

Now that’s what I call customer support.

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OK I have received magnetic cables from Syllucid.

  • I do notice it gets very warm even at low loads ???

  • First I note the USB C port on the Framework is a bit shallow, there is a gap of some 2mm between the plug and the expansion card. This gap is also present with the default Framework charger and cable.
    But here is the same gap with the magentic connector. I can see now more clearly why there is an expansion card in the making to have the adapter housed in the card.

  • You can also see the cable which is flexible enough so as not to think about it’s angle to the adapter.

  • Here is a picture of the same adapter in my phone, a far better match, there is no 2mm gap and with a case on the phone, hardly visible. My reason for buying was the phone.



I had a similar pattern of breakage only 3 months into normal use. Pretty disappointing but after contacting support, they were pretty prompt about offering a replacement. I hope this issue gets addressed though, would be annoying to have to deal with this every few months

Anyone else have trouble with fraying charger cable ends? My friend wrapped up both ends of my charger cable with jute!


Note that folks who are seeing the cable fray after normal usage within the warranty period, you should reach out to Framework Support for a replacement cable. We’ve root caused this with our cable supplier and believe that there was a limited number of cables where molding of the sleeve wasn’t done at the optimal temperature. They’ve since adjusted the manufacturing process to resolve this.

It is still normal TPE-jacketed cable though, so over heavy use over time, there is risk of the jacket wearing at stress points. This is part of the reason we designed the USB-C cable to be detachable and replaceable. Much cheaper and less wasteful to replace a cable than a whole power adapter!