Are Core isolation security features supported?

I’m running the HWiNFO64 v76.17-4655 tool and it’s reminding me that Hypervisor-protected Code Integrity (HVCI) is disabled.

I did a little more reading and I realize that it might make sense to turn on some of these security features.

However, I was unable to do so due to potential driver incompatibilities.

Does support their laptops running these security features ? If not now, then when ?



If you click “Review Incompatible Drivers”, which drivers does it list?

My machine, which has been running Windows 11 since I build it, had Core Isolation enabled by default. I had to disable it to install the RW-Everything driver (for obvious reasons; it is unkind to raw hardware :slight_smile:).

Missed that one, I see now my backup software is somehow interfering. I’ll try approaching their support. Needed another set of eyes on this one, thanks @DHowett !


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