Supported features

I am new here. Heard about Framework through Linus. I looking to build a video editing laptop. I’m going around the world on a motorcycle, filming, recording and performing. I need a laptop for video editing AND for Oculus link to work, so I can also edit in 360.
Some features not listed I’d be looking for follows:
NVME system and storage drive
PCIe tunneling support - I want to hook up a more powerful graphics card - So USB4?
wifi6e I believe is supported…
This system is going to take a beating out there - can anyone comment on durability?
I LOVE the idea of an upgradable system and hope I can both afford and get one of these laptops. Any other advice, most appreciated.

If those are your requirements, the current Framework offerings are likely not for you.

Framework does not offer anything with a 360 hinge. They also don’t support DDR5. They do support (require) NVME. I’m not certain on wifi6e off the top of my head. eGPUs are quite bulky and will likely not be portable enough to travel with on a motorcycle.

In terms of durability, I had someone sit on mine (closed) and it survived with no damage, so I’d say pretty durable for an ultrabook, but it’s not a toughbook and shouldn’t be treated like one.

Thank you - the 360 is for Oculus link cable and the Oculus Quest 2. I’d like to edit 360 videos in the headset. Bummer on DDR5. If PCIe tunneling is supported, the graphics card does not need to be attached all the time. Just when editing. Power is the problem…not size. I wonder if the DDR4/5 is worth waiting for.

DDR5 is faster, but generally is not worth the wait. I believe that framework will stick on ddr4 at least until 2024.

@Mike_K Yes, eGPU’s are supported, the 12th gen models are fully Thunderbolt certified. Could you clarify what you mean by 360? DDR5 is not currently supported but I wouldn’t worry too much about that. NVMe is the only drive supported, WiFi 6e is included with the laptop. Oculus link uses USB-C correct? So it should work fine. DDR5 will be coming with 14th gen (likely not 13th gen).