[SOLVED] HMB Support?

In this thread, the OP asked if his parts are compatible and they are but something occurred to me, does Framework support HMB? I searched the forum and saw nothing about it and it’s not listed in the ordering process

I personally don’t use DRAM-less drives but I wanted to make a post so that if anyone else has the same question the answer is out there

Anyone know? I just don’t want people to use NVMe drives that end up being slower than HDDs and think its the laptop and not the storage.

HMD support would be nice to know? So that someone will know whether buying/putting in a DRAM-less drive is a good idea or not for the Framework.

I think so. From what I understand, that feature is dependent on controller support, and the controller is located on the SSD itself. Seeing as that feature has been in the spec since 2014, I think it’s safe to say Framework probably supports it.


I completely forgot that HMB was part of the NVMe spec

Yeah, I’m sure it supports HMB